Wednesday, May 22, 2024

What to Buy For The Dad in Your Life

Men are hard to shop for, especially when you have shopped for them year after year.

There are many things that you know they need (dare I say socks and underwear), but do you really want to stick to the basics each year? On top of not wanting to stick to the basics, it would be pretty weird to purchase those items for my dad. His birthday was this past weekend and it really got me thinking that a list of items to buy would be so helpful! I am sure this is true for many people, so I decided to go ahead and wrack my brain to come up with a list to help you out for the next time you need a gift for a man that is impossible to buy for! If you have a man in your life that has everything, or is just impossible to shop for, check out this list and please let me know what you would add to it:

Fun socks

I know that I am already contradicting my first paragraph with this item, but hear me out. Everyone needs socks and getting socks as a gift can be boring, but ‘fun’ socks are definitely not a necessity and can be fun. Spruce up his sock collection and get him something that you know he probably needs and make it fun while you’re at it! Obviously, this is not the best gift if you are just giving one item, but it would be the perfect addition to another gift. Fun socks come in quite a few different patterns and I am positive that you can find some that are perfect for him based on his interests.


Something he would not purchase himself

Is he a red meat lover? Why not get him really nice knives to cut his steak with? In my experience, a lot of men have the basics and never really upgrade their current items because “they have what they need.” While this is a fantastic quality to have, it is also really fun to get new and improved items that help enhance an experience that they already love! Another great idea for this category would be a new phone.


Beer items

My dad is a beer man, so I always search to find great items for “beer lovers.” I found this list the other day and love it! My favorite items on there are a beer making kit, beer books, and hop candy! The beer making kit would be a blast and a plus is that it is teaching him how to do something that he could really love. Beer books are always a great option – they are the perfect coffee table book for men. I chose hop candy to add to my favorites list just because it seems interested and I can almost guarantee you that he has not tried hop candy before, so it would be different, while still playing into something that he loves.

Custom grill tools

This is another option that a lot of men would most likely not want to upgrade. Most people have grill tools, but take it up a notch and have your grill tools engraved – I think that is a fun touch. Another fun, option would be a meat brander. This is not very useful, but you can have them made to have your initials, name, or anything else you would like. This could be fun!


A sword

Unless he is really into Samurai swords, I bet this will be a really cool and unique gift that he will love! If your dad is a movie lover, you could get him a replica sword, or you could custom-make him a sword if he likes a specialized touch. Swords of Northshire offers Samurai Swords, Ninja Swords, Knives, Custom Swords and Accessories. Under their replica swords, you will find options like Braveheart, Deadpool, Kill Bill, and The Walking Dead. When you customize your own Katana, you can choose to customize the blade length, material, the Ito color, Hamon type, and more. You can even engrave your sword! Each Katana blade is hand forged using traditional methods in Longquan, China, which has over 2,600 years of sword making experience and history, so you know that you are receiving a quality product. Don’t worry about knowing your sword information when you are customizing your Katana – they offer a glossary with pictures to help guide you along the process! Gifting a sword is something that most do not think about, so it could be a really good option, especially when you are purchasing it from a great website.

Thinking of gifts for the special men in your life can be really challenging, but I hope this list helps you some. What is a unique gift that you would add to this list?

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