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All The Fun Of The Theatre

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Over the years we’ve seen a fair few shows up in London on the West End. Before Joshua came along we enjoyed spending the evening having a few cocktails, a bite to eat and a good show without having to worry about childcare and getting home early.

In terms of shows we’ve seen Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago and a few others and we loved the whole theatre experience with the lights, the audio, the drama and the whole production. It definitely blows watching films on TV out of the water!

We’ve also seen a load of live music and would regularly go to concerts across the UK, from Katy Perry and Girls Aloud all the way through to our favourite band of all time, Muse! Then there were festivals in different parts of the country – I’ve been to Reading, Glastonbury, V and a few others and loved every minute, despite the camping. All in all, live shows and music have always been a big part of our lives.

As years go by, and children come along it can be a little bit different, of course, but it’s still important to do the things you enjoy as often as you can – be it with your kids or without!

So in 2019, with Joshua being a bit older and more than happy to stay with Nanny & Grandad, we made some plans and saw the brilliant Muse again, up in Birmingham. I also headed back to the West End to see the really rather excellent Book Of Mormon with a friend. Completely inappropriate at times, but really funny!

With Joshua growing up fast and his attention span starting to improve it’s also definitely the time to start thinking about taking him up to see some shows in London, although probably ones more aimed at his age group than Book Of Mormon! Currently featuring at The Wembley Arena is Disney On Ice’s Magical Ice Festival, which I know he would love so that might well be something on the horizon.

If not there’s Wicked on at the Apollo Victoria which I’ve heard lots of good things about, although Joshua’s attention span still might not quite stretch to 2hrs+ just yet! For now, we might still be safer with Paw Patrol live which is somewhat shorter…

Either way, it’s definitely time to start looking for tickets and getting some things booked up for the Easter holidays, as they’ll be here before we know it!

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