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Add a Touch of Style to your Garden

When you want your garden to look good you need to add a touch of style to it. Unless you want your garden to look like everyone else’s you need to add a few bits here and there to make it stand out. If you’re not sure where to make a start read on for some tips courtesy of dino decking.

Use Some Gravel in your Garden

These days you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get some nice looking gravel. Many Mediterranean gardens contain a lot of gravel and they tend to look quite good. Gravel is not only something pretty to add to your garden but it’s also ideal as it can help keep weeds away. Add some gravel to the tops of your plant pots and your borders as they will keep weeds at bay and make your plant pots and borders look good.

You may also want to think about adding gravel to those areas of your garden that you don’t spend much time in. If you are fed up with cutting the grass every few weeks in the summer, a layer of gravel will do the job nicely. Simply lay some weed control fabric and add some gravel on top so the fabric is covered.

Use Rustic Plant Pots

Rustic plant pots tend to look quite good, no matter how big or small your garden is or whether it’s a vegetable garden or one that looks pretty. Using a few rustic pots you can break up the colour of your garden. You may also want to think about using some rustic-looking paving slabs as they can look pretty good too.

For an extra stylish look and something of a talking point you may want to have a rustic-coloured outdoor rug in your garden. An outdoor rug is not something everyone has but they can and do look good. While you will have to keep your rug inside during the winter months, it can make your garden look good while it’s outside.

Tidy your Borders And Keep Your Lawn Nice

If you would like your garden to look stylish you need to keep on top of your lawn and your borders. Using MOOWY Lawn Products can keep your grass lush and green.

Make sure your borders are free from weeds and the plants aren’t overgrown. Remove any dead plants, and scatter some mulch here and there to restrict weed growth.

Put up Some Decking

You may want to think about putting up some decking as it can add a touch of style to your garden. You can now choose from many different colours of decking which means your decking won’t look the same as everyone else’s.

Put some decking by your back door so that you have something solid to step on when you go outside. Make sure your decking runs the length of your house and don’t forget to add handrails to any steps you build. A deck can be the ideal place for you to sunbathe or simply enjoy some time outside on a summer’s evening.

Decking is also the ideal place to put some tables and chairs along with a parasol. Buy some stylish furniture and enjoy spending time on your deck as the sun blazes down on you.

Have a Seating Area

Why not have a seating area somewhere in your garden? You may have some seats on your decking by the back door but it you may want to think of adding extra decking elsewhere.  

If you would like your garden too look stylish opt for wrought iron garden furniture. Furniture such of this always looks stylish and although it can be slightly more expensive than other types of furniture it can look good.  

It is relatively easy to add a touch of style to your garden. With a little bit of work your garden can look good throughout the year.

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