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New Year, New Bedroom!

The quest for a new children’s bed

Joshua has been slowly growing out of his toddler bed over the past few months, and it may well be time for a change.

To be fair, it’s lasted him well, considering he’s been in there since he was six months old. Back then he was a teeny tiny thing engulfed in a massive bed, much like Goldilocks trying her luck in Big Bear’s bed!

But now he’s at school and somewhat larger than his six-month-old self. This means there’s enough room for him or his 17 cuddly toys, but not both. 

We’ve held off on investing in a proper bed for him as he’ll be switching to a larger bedroom soon. There is of course the tiny matter of us finding the time to completely redecorate a larger bedroom, but once we’ve finished the kitchen I’m sure we’ll get there.

Choosing a new bed for a child isn’t easy of course. Not only do you have to search for something that you personally feel will look good – you also have to take their views into account. From experience, these views do not always necessarily coincide!

You’ll also want to pick a bed that offers a good level of comfort and support for their growing backs.

Finally invest in a children’s bed that is of a high enough quality to last a good few years. Cheap and cheerful might be the order of the day for a temporary or spare bed. However, when it comes to your little one you’ll want to spend a bit more getting something decent. 

Where To Look?

Looking online there’s a children’s bed out there in every possible style and budget. Joshua would love some of the designer beds with characters from his favourite TV shows.  But would he still like them in a couple of years when his tastes change again? 

One awesome option would be the lovely Julian Bowen mid sleeper bed from Children’s Bed Shop. This combines a stylish look with the practicality of being able to use the space underneath it too. You can even add a tent to surround it which looks really cool!

All we need to do now before we can order a bed is to decorate the bedroom. So just the small matter of wallpaper, carpet, skirting, coving, curtains etc. Might make that my New Year’s resolution…

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