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5 Tips for Spending Christmas Abroad

Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids, who look forward to the arrival of Santa, watching festive films and eating lots of delicious goodies. However, it can also be fun to do something a little different, like spending Christmas abroad.

Combining the joy of Christmas with the anticipation of a holiday, spending the festive season overseas can be a lot of fun. From spending the day on a beach to waking up in a snow-covered log cabin, there’s lot to enjoy.

However, it can also require a fair amount of planning and prep, especially if you want to maintain some of your favourite traditions. Here’s how you can do it.

Plan the Presents

For children, presents are an important part of Christmas, which can make it a bit of sticking point when it comes to going abroad. Thankfully, there are several solutions you can consider. You could up your baggage allowance and take them with you; have a pre-Christmas Day and open them before you go; take a small selection with you and leave the rest until you get home; or even surprise your little ones by posting them with a Parcel2Go international courier.

Don’t Forget the Decorations

For many, one of the most exciting parts of December is putting up the tree and decorations. While you can still do this to enjoy the build-up, you can also take a few bits with you when you go away. Avoiding anything too big or breakable, you could add some bunting and stockings to your suitcase, without taking up too much of space or weight allowance.

Consider Christmas Dinner

A favourite part of Christmas Day for a lot of us, everybody loves a proper British Christmas dinner. However, depending on where you’re going, you may find it hard to come by when abroad. You could do some research to find out if the hotel or nearby restaurants have a Christmas menu, or embrace local cuisine and try something different. For example, Australians usually have a barbeque, while KFC is the meal of choice in Japan.

Try Some Local Traditions

While you have your favourite Christmas traditions, like going to a panto or singing carols, when you go overseas, you’re likely to encounter some very different celebrations. From paper lanterns in Croatia and fireworks in Argentina, to Krampus parades in Germany and Father Frost in Russia, make sure the whole family is ready for a different kind of Christmas.

Schedule Family Video Calls

Lastly, while going on holiday at Christmas can be fantastic, for many, it’s an important time for family, too. Rather than missing out, take your tablet with you and plan a video call in advance. This will allow you to see each other, as long as you factor in the time difference.

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