The Importance of Work Socials

Workplace social events can sometimes turn tedious and end up being a lot of forced fun, that has the opposite effect to what was intended. Yet when done right they hold a lot of benefits for both businesses and their employees. There are all sorts of different work social events that you could consider organising, from a simple picnic over summer to a day out paintballing or going to an amusement park. Whatever you decide, socials and events at work hold a number of advantages.

Boost Morale

If you’ve noticed that some of your colleagues seem low on morale and motivation, then a social event can be a good way to turn things around. It’s amazing the impact a free meal or a few hours out of work to play games can have on people. Hopefully it will provide a well-needed break and result in employees returning to work refreshed and in a better mood. These events don’t have to cost a lot either, it could be a simple afternoon playing games in the park.

Improve Teamwork

Especially when there are a lot of new people that have joined your company, work socials can act as a great ice breaker and improve overall teamwork. Structuring it so that people who don’t normally socialise together have to can be a great way to do this, with an activity such as bowling. Although it’s good to still include at least two people from the same team together so that they each have a friendly face.

Promote Company Values

Focusing an event around a company accomplishment is a great way to reinforce values. It could be winning an award, celebrating record growth or anything else. Hiring a top quality venue to host it in should set the scene and show that the business is willing to invest in its employees for non-work based purposes too. Recognising the hard work of your employees will also help boost morale and hopefully lead to further successes.

Make Work Enjoyable

Many people choose one job over another not just because of the money but if they think it will be a more enjoyable place to work. 60% of graduates claim they’d prefer to work somewhere that has a good workplace social environment over one offering a higher salary. Regular social events can create a more enjoyable workplace whatever industry you are based in, attracting new talent and retaining existing staff for longer.

Work socials are a great way to improve your existing workforce, keep them happy and lead to better results. 

*this is a collaborative post

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