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3 Things To Consider When Upgrading Dad’s Taxi

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When you are a parent, you wear many hats. For much of the day, you may be a cook or a cleaner, making sure that your children are fed while cleaning up after them. At other times you will feel as though you are an extension of the education system whenever you have to help them with their homework. Some days your job as a parent will be akin to that of a negotiator in a war zone. 

One of the fundamental roles of a parent is that of a taxi driver, though. To say that you will pick up fares is an overstatement as the only payment you will receive will be the occasional smile on your child’s face. But with all of the galavanting that you will be doing, you will need the right car. After all, you will be getting your children to their important playgroup meetings, and taking them out to the exclusive birthday parties in all the fanciest ball pools.

So, how do you find a car that is suitable for driving your children around in the style they no doubt demand? There are several considerations that you need to look at when it comes to picking your child-friendly motor. 

The Cost

You will probably have told your children about thirty times today that money does not grow on trees. Fortunately, as it’s now made from polymer, they can’t argue back that paper comes from wood. But unless you are lucky enough to have a constant supply of money, then the cost of your child taxi is an essential consideration. With this in mind, check out somewhere like Border City Autos and get something that is a couple of years old. After all, your interiors will be covered in crayon and chocolate within a day of buying it anyway, so why buy new?

Size Matters

Don’t let them tell you otherwise; size does matter. You will want to have enough space for your children to sit comfortably while allowing plenty of room for all their accessories that they seem to amass. Their pushchairs, prams, bags of toys, and their fourteen teddy bears that they won’t ever leave home without. 

Safety Features

Being a responsible parent means making sure that your children are safe when you are driving. You’ll no doubt have already had to start watching your speed and give up sending texts while you drive. When you are buying a car, though, you should look at the safety features. Do some research and compare things such as braking systems, the quality of the airbags, and lane-keeping assistance, automatic city braking, and the ability to automatically phone the emergency services for you. 

That all sounds very serious stuff, but it is more than necessary. You’ll also need to know how to get the child locks on your new car activated so that you don’t get any escapees when you’re taking them places that they don’t want to go. 

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