Thursday, June 20, 2024

Winter is Coming: Key Pieces For The Commuting Man

Winter is coming!

Where have I heard that before? I know, I know it’s autumn first but whatever, it’s getting chillier in the mornings and evenings so we begin to turn our attention to thicker clothes and coats.

My husband commutes to work on the train. Many (many, many) hours are spent waiting on cold, windy platforms waiting for trains so it is important that he has warm, smart but functional clothes to wear.

I have compiled a list of key pieces for the commuting man (whether he likes it or not!):

  1. Most importantly is a decent men’s winter coat. It doesn’t necessarily need to be overly smart but it does need to be warm. A decent quality coat will last a good couple of years. My husband favours a wool coat for the office but I am a fan of a parka. I have a parka that is donkey’s years old but it’s lovely and cosy and still in good condition.parka jacamo
  2. A good pair of shoes, especially if the walk to and from the station is a long one. Invest in a decent pair of shoes and they will see you a long way (literally), if they are waterproof that’s a bonus and getting caught in an unexpected rain shower won’t be so…wet.
  3. A pair of boots for wet or snowy weather. You don’t want to be sliding all the way to the station in the snow so invest in a pair of boots with a decent grip, or even a pair of wellys
  4. Warm socks. All that waiting around on the station can make your feet cold so get some nice thermal socks to keep those toes warm
  5. A scarf. You can add a bit of colour to your outfit and warm your neck at the same time – winner!
  6. Gloves. Whether you go for traditional wool or leather or even some funky mittens, keeping your hands warm is a necessity. You don’t want to lose your train ticket because your hands were numb from cold
  7. A hat. My husband has short hair so a hat is essential for keeping his head warm. You could go for a deerstalker, a bobble hat or a peaked cap. Whatever floats your boat and keep your head warm.
  8. A v neck jumper for over the shirt. Layers are the best way to keep warm in the cold weather, a smart v neck jumper will keep you warm but is also easy to remove if the office is warm

I hope you find this list useful, is there anything you would add?


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