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Whoopee Doo Review

Few things were more satisfying in my formative years that the joy of a whoopee cushion releasing its inappropriate noise under the weight of an unsuspecting friend or family member’s buttocks.

As you can imagine, I haven’t used a whoopee cushion for quite a few years. Until now that is, when we were sent a copy of Whoopee Doo from John Adams to review! Let’s explore…

whoopee doo review

The game setup is really rather straightforward. The box contains a whoopee cushion and some challenge cards. And that’s it. All you need to do is insert some batteries, inflate the whoopee cushion and it’s game on!

whoopee doo review

The challenge cards are divided into two distinct types – general ones where you have to name a certain number of things and ones where you have to say a tongue twister a certain number of times. The general ones cover a wide range of subjects but all of them are very suitable for the recommended 4+ age range. Here are some examples…

Just make sure you get the cheese tongue twister correct 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

As you can see, on the reverse of each card there is a number between 2 and 5 and this indicates the number of things you have to name or the number of times you need to say the tongue twister.

Players take turns sitting on the whoopee cushion, whilst one of the other players poses the questions. Once the question is read out the whoopee cushionee (definitely a real word!) presses the yellow button to start the timer. When they have successfully completed the challenge they press the button again to pause the timer.

Behold the tension

Play rotates until the timer runs out and one player is left with the joy of the whoopee cushion deflating under them and a charming fart noise being emitted to the delight of the other players!

All that’s then left to do is reinflate the whoopie cushion and play all over again. Like I said it’s a very simple concept, but the game does make you think on your feet / cushion and it can be quite exciting, especially for the younger ones. And of course you get an amusing farting noise when you lose – what’s not to love?!

Whoopee Doo is available from all major retailers for around £15 including through the affiliate Amazon link below.

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