Thursday, April 18, 2024

Ways to Help Improve Your Children’s Balance and Coordination

Balance and coordination are two important skills for children to learn at an early age, as they are necessary for their physical development. While they may seem like things we automatically learn as we grow, good balance and coordination can take a lot of practice.

Fortunately, there are many fun ways you can help you children improve these important motor functions.

Build a Pillow or Stone Path

An easy game to play, you can create a mini coordination course to help with their balance. If you’re indoors, try placing pillows on the floor at different distances apart and getting your kids to follow the trail. Alternatively, have fun outdoors by using stepping stones.

You can even encourage others to join in or speed up the steps to make it more fun.

Plan a Game of Hopscotch

Just like the path game,hopscotch can be a great way to assist your children’s balance. Sure, it may not be as exciting as their games console, but it can be an effective method of improving their coordination. Plus, you can take it to another level by playing on an uneven surface like sand, or make it competitive by including as part of an obstacle course.

Take a Family Class

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual and adrenaline fuelled, then how about taking a lesson as a family? This gets everyone involved in the fun, allows the whole family to be active and could help your kids improve their motor functions.

You could pick a surfing class, aerobics lesson or family yoga.

Buy a New Set of Wheels

Learning to ride a bike can be exiting and rewarding for a kid, providing them with a sense of freedom and allowing them to whizz around with their friends. However, to help their balance and coordination further, consider an additional set of wheels. By investing in a scooter or ordering a pair of Heelys from Proline,these could help to hone their skills.

Try Out a Balance Board

A balance board tends to be either circular or resemble a skateboard, with a ball or round object in the centre. The user must distribute their weight effectively in order to keep the board straight and balanced. While this sounds simple, it can be difficult to do and requires a lot of coordination.

To encourage your kids to use a balance board, you could make it a competition and see who can stand up for the longest.

Coordination and balance are two important skills that we use every day. While not all of us are as coordinated as others, you can help your kids develop their balance by trying some of these activities together.

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