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Use Your Common Sense, People!

Have just watched an episode of Watchdog. For those non-English readers, it’s a consumer affairs programme, where viewers write in with tales of how stupid they’ve been to allow themselves to get ripped off.

Whilst watching it tonight, I struggled to get the feeling out of my head that the ‘victims’ were predominantly complete fuckwits.

One of the stories was about some people who had been conned by a man who offered to sell them discounted properties and to teach them all the secrets of the buy-to-let market. Forgive me for being dismissive, but what kind of twat would fall for that shit?!

The first stage of the scam involved the ‘victims / twats / naive fools / greedy money-grabbers’ forking out £3000 to attend a two day course which would reveal the ‘secrets’ of the buy-to-let market. Surely, for the sake of fuck, anyone with half a brain cell wouldn’t give a stranger £3K to learn about the buy-to-let market. It gets worse.

After the two-day course, which the attendees admitted wasn’t very good (shock horror), they were then offered 2 properties to invest in at heavily discounted prices, which the conman said he could achieve by ‘buying them in bulk’. One of the victims said that this all seemed ‘very plausible’.

Come again!! Buying houses in bulk?! Discounts of up to £100K?! What kind of tosser are you?!

So the fuckwittage continued. The brain-dead toss-pieces / victims then put down a £28K deposit on the properties and waited for the mortgages to go through. They were then ‘stunned’ to find out that the properties were being advertised in the local press at £50K less than what they were about to pay. One tosser’s bank came round and valued the property that he was trying to get a mortgage on at over £100K less than what he was about to pay for it!

How do these people get through their daily lives?! Do they wake up every day and just sit there not knowing what to do, waiting for some dodgy man in an ill-fitting suit to come along and rip them off? And each of them at the end said that they really needed the money back, as they ‘just couldn’t afford to lose that kind of money’.

Call me crazy, but if you can’t afford to lose over £30K then why the fuck would you give it to a stranger, without doing any research whatsoever on the thing you’re about to buy?

In the space of a hundred years or so we have gone from having some of the greatest inventors and brilliant minds in the world, to having a population that are incredibly stupid. I think we are regressing back into being apes. And apologies to any apes out there who may take offence to that comment.

Whilst I’m on the subject of money-grabbing idiots, I really must mention the ‘sue everyone now’ adverts again. I’ve mentioned them before, as have many other people, but just can’t let the opportunity slip by to lay into them once more.

There are two of them on TV regularly at the moment, each showing a pathetic ‘reconstruction’ of a fuckwit doing something stupid and then getting compensated for it. The first one shows a tosser about to drill a hole in the wall of a house. He says some drivel along the lines of:

‘I had to drill a hole in a wall, but they gave me the wrong type of ladder for the job’

You then see aforementioned fuckwit climbing what can only be described as the kind of ladder that Noah would have used in the ark to feed the giraffes – some knackered old wooden thing with no supports.

Of course, there isn’t even anyone at the bottom of the ladder to hold it. The ladder then falls over with toss-piece at the top of it, who falls to the floor and hurts his wrist. The voice-over then tells of how he sued his company and got £5000 and didn’t even have to go to court.

Seriously – what kind of wank-stain would climb up Noah’s ladder on a slippery floor, with a big drill, with no-one at the bottom to hold onto it? For me, if you are dumb enough to do it, then you deserve to fall off. You should then have to pay your company and the NHS for being such a muppet and wasting their time and resources.

The next scenario is another fool who proudly states:

‘I was told to pick up a box that was far too heavy for me to lift’

Then he tries to pick up the box and hurts his back. Next time, JUST DON’T TRY TO PICK THE PISSING BOX UP THEN! If it’s too heavy to lift – DON’T LIFT IT.

Christ man – you must have gone through at least 10 years in the education system and you haven’t yet grasped the basic fact that you shouldn’t pick up stuff that is too heavy to pick up?

In my mind, the whole thing is natural selection. Thick, stupid people fall off things and hurt themselves. Intelligent people don’t. So the thick people gradually die out and the intelligent ones prosper. But no, no, no. In today’s society we reward the thick people for their ignorance and even encourage them to do so.

Of course companies have a duty of care to their employees, but you can’t always legislate for thick people doing stupid things, like pouring a cup of hot chocolate over your genitals and then complaining that it was too hot. Or getting your hand stuck in a meat grinder because you wanted to know what it felt like. What has the world come to…..

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