Monday, May 27, 2024

The Argument for Choosing a 4×4 as Your Family Car

There’s no doubt that 4x4s have faced a lot of scrutiny over the years. But let’s face it; they are popular for a reason. If you have a young family, there is every chance that going for a bigger car will serve you very well indeed.

Here are just four reasons to consider a 4×4 for your next car.

They aren’t as damaging to the environment as you fear

The idea that 4x4s cause unnecessary damage to the environment is one of the chief reasons that people knock drivers. Are the emissions a little higher than some smaller models? Yes. The truth of the matter, however, is that any petrol or diesel car is going to harm the planet.

If you are interested in gaining the moral high ground, switching to an electric or hybrid car is vital. There are plenty of 4x4s that satisfy those needs, and the marketplace is getting bigger by the year. Meanwhile, the prices are likely to encourage you to choose a used vehicle, which is also a step towards a greener life.

They are more comfortable

When choosing a vehicle for the family, it needs to be practical. While small cars may be comfortable right now, you need to think about the future too. As the kids get older, you will need more space in the back. Moreover, a big boot space will be considered highly beneficial.

The average 4×4 will have a better shot at satisfying those needs. Furthermore, they are more practical for trips to Devon and parts of the country where you may go off-road. The suspensions and other features will ensure that your whole family is far more comfortable on those journeys. This should additionally encourage you to stick with the car for years.

They are more fun

As a driver, a little fun behind the wheel is great to have. While there are plenty of saloons and hatchbacks that are fun to drive, almost all 4x4s tick that box. However, it’s not only the performance that matters. As the above points touched upon, driving a 4×4 opens the door to new opportunities too.

Check out these products to see how the vehicle can become the perfect place to take a break outside under the shade. Whether it’s to break up journeys with a picnic or to have more fun at the beach or on a camping trip is up to you. Either way, these facilities combined with the extra storage can only be a step in the right direction.

They Are Safer

Ultimately, though, every parent is primarily concerned with safety. The harsh reality is that you can never avoid all crashes, even if you take advanced driving courses. The size and weight of a 4×4 means it is harder to roll. Moreover, if it has a crash with a smaller vehicle, the small one will usually come off worst.

Of course, there are many other responsibilities to consider. From keeping the car well maintained to driving within the speed limits and wearing seat belts, those tricks will work wonders. If that doesn’t inspire you to choose a 4×4, though, nothing will.

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