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Three Ways To Avoid A Home Improvement Disaster

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Warning: a home improvement could seriously damage your home, your health, and your finances!


This isn’t the news you want to hear, is it? Not when you’re looking to give your home an overhaul or should you be thinking about making those finishing touches to make a house your home. So, put down your hammer, turn off that home improvement programme on the TV, and kick into touch your dream home ideas. To ensure you don’t fall prey to a home improvement disaster, consider our suggestions below.

#1: Ensure you have the funds for the job

Yes, you have scraped enough money together for a pot of paint. And woohoo, you also have the finances for a tool kit! But let’s be serious for a moment; the cost of a home improvement can be huge. Can you afford it? Before setting to work, use a home renovation cost calculator to work out the expected and unexpected expenses that might befall your project. If you don’t have the funds to carry on with your project, then put it on hold until you do so. Start to save up until you have the money in your bank account, or look for ways to raise funds, be that through a home improvement loan or through a responsible lending equity release on your home. And then consider our next point, so you don’t make a DIY or a financial blunder!

#2: Know when it’s time to call in the professionals

To save money on your home improvement project, you might consider taking on the work involved yourself. While this can be a good idea, in theory, you might do something stupid when you’re renovating, and this could cost you more money in the long term, and quite possibly cost you your life or as well! So, our advice is this. While you might be perfectly adept at changing a fuse, and while your skills with a paintbrush may be second-to-none, always call in the pros when you’re dealing with any job that you aren’t skilled to take on yourself. And even if you do have some skills at DIY, when it comes to the electrics or roofing, ALWAYS call in the professionals if you’re aren’t qualified to take on these jobs yourself. Sure, there will be an expense, but considering the dangers involved, you NEED those people with the necessary skills to take on these tasks for you. Your home and your life depend upon it.

#3: Remember ‘Safety First’

Accidents happen, no matter how skilled you are with a nail gun and a sledgehammer! So, always be prepared. Have a first-aid kit on standby if you’re going down the DIY route, as well as your phone in case of an emergency. Read the instructions on anything you use, from pots of paint to new tools, and make sure you understand them before you get to work. And wear the right safety gear, from dust masks to safety goggles, as you might only injure yourself or cause yourself long-term harm if you don’t. After all, despite your desire to look fashionable while renovating, you won’t be able to enjoy your home if you are otherwise indisposed through health issues or injury!

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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