Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Spring has sprung; hoo-flipping-ray

Winter is finally over and done with, officially.

I very much hope that we have seen the back of the snow for good; I’ve heard whispers that it might be back briefly around Easter and to that I say DO NOT MESS WITH ME. I can’t take any more snow days.

Here are some things I’m looking forward to about spring!

baby in garden

Being able to use the garden

Between the illness, the snow and general bad weather and finally potty training my youngest, I think I’ve almost forgotten how to leave the house with children. Being able to get out into the garden is hopefully going to act like a halfway step to rehabilitate us towards going further afield.

Seriously though I can’t wait. The children love being outside. It is the first year they’ve really been old enough to entertain themselves safely in the garden and I’m going to take full advantage by getting some great garden deals and buying myself a sun lounger. Yes I’m joking.

Obviously there is a lot of work to do; not least because our extension meant the ripping up of the decking and what lay underneath… Well… Mud basically. Which leads me on to point two.

Less mud

Dear lord, the number of washes I’ve been doing is insane.

Between potty training and mud my washing machine has been on, constantly and there are footprints and pawprints all over the house.

Wearing fewer layers

Again, less to wash. Also it’s much easier to get out of the house when you don’t have to cajole/bribe your children to put on three separate layers as well as two shoes. Who has that kind of time?

Drying washing outside

There are few things in life as satisfying as drying sheets on the line…

And I realise I’m officially old, and clearly obsessed with washing. But it’s true.

spring flowers

Spring flowers

Part of the thing I hate about winter is that it’s all drab and boring. Spring flowers never fail to make me smile.

I’m looking forward to planting up new flower beds with my children; I understand that my view of this is much romanticised and it will be exceptionally hard and probably thankless work – last year they dug the lot up while I was in the loo – but if I pull it off it might look nice for a while. Hopefully.

It being light longer

On the one hand, it might be harder to get the children into bed early (“it’s definitely bed time, it’s dark outside, look!”) but on the other it’s not freaking cold and dark at 5pm.

I am sick to death of having to be home by 3pm because it’s getting dark. Bring on the day trips and the afternoon trips to the park.

The more time you spend outside the house, the less cleaning you have to do, after all!

What are you looking forward to about spring?

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