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Ozeri Green Earth Wok & Precision Pro II Bathroom Scale Review

We were lucky enough to receive a couple of products from Ozeri recently to try out and give our views on. First up was…

14″ Green Earth Wok

We’ve enjoyed quite a few stir frys over the years so were very keen to try out a new wok given our previous ones had lost their non-stick coating quite some time ago! 

The first thing you’ll notice when receiving the 14″ Green Earth Wok is that it’s MASSIVE! Thinking back to my first ever TV this wok is exactly the same size, albeit this wok is a lot lighter and comes in a fetching shade of bright green! 

As you can imagine, 14 inches of wok can fit a lot of food in. We made enough food for two of us and it barely touched the sides of the pan!

The non-stick coating is the best we’ve used, with food sliding around easily. Once you’ve served up your food it leaves virtually no remains in the pan, so washing it up was really easy too. What’s more the coating is 100% ceramic so there’s no nasty chemicals in there. 

The 14″ Green Earth Wok isn’t the cheapest wok you’ll find, coming in at just under the £50 mark but for the size and quality it’s actually pretty decent value.

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Precision Pro II Bathroom Scale

Again, the first thing you’ll notice is the size. It’s a really decent width so you can stand on them very comfortably. There’s no buttons to press – it’s simply a matter of stepping on and waiting a few seconds for the reading to come up. 

Quite a fun feature is that it measures your weight change from your previous measurement to help track any losses (or gains!) If you’ve lost a few pounds the screen will go green and tell you what you’ve dropped.

If only I’d lost 3.8lbs!

It’s a useful feature if you’re the only person using it, but clearly if there are two of you using the scale it will measure your change against the last measurement, even if it’s not your own! 

It can measure up to 400lbs in 0.2lb increments so it is very accurate and the construction feels very sturdy. 

All in all it does exactly what you’d expect plus a couple of bits you might not. For a retail price of just under £25 it’s a decent purchase.

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