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Inconvenient Parenting Truths You Need To Hear!

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Being a parent is one of the most significant privileges in life, but there are moments where your children will push you to the edge of patience and make you want to pull out your hair – even when they do look cute! There are some wonderful parenting books out there that will teach you how to handle your children in moments where their emotions get a little too much, but there are some inconvenient truths that all new parents need to know before they face their new lives as parents. Let’s take a look!

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Children Don’t Belong Everywhere

Contrary to popular belief, children shouldn’t go everywhere with their parents. There are times in life where children can prove to be a hindrance more than a help. These moments include your annual prostate exam, a trip to to buy a car and when you’re trying to enjoy your morning coffee. As a parent, you still have to try to carve out time that does not involve the kids – even when people tell you the opposite!

Forget Sleep

Well, for at least the first five years, and then after age eleven. Babies go through sleep cycles, so just when you think you have it cracked and they’re sleeping a night, they’ll restart again and shake the apple cart. After age eleven, puberty kicks in and you’ll be up in the night for worrying more than you will for night feeds. Parents don’t like to tell you about the lack of sleep – prepare yourself for it now!

Children Are Mirrors

Less humorous now, children reflect our own issues back at us, and it’s often not until you become a parent that you know this is going to happen. You may have considered yourself to be empathetic and patient – and then you have children and realise how little patience you actually have!

You Will Catch Bodily Fluids

Poop or puke, your hands will form the perfect fluid-catching cup. Children vomit at the most inappropriate times, and you can bet it’ll be in the department store where they’ll first whip off the diaper and dump on the floor. As the parent, you’ll try to catch it as best you can. Just don’t do the thing of forgetting to wash your hands thoroughly before you lick your fingers. It happens.

You Will End Up In The Ring With Your Spouse

Children – especially older ones – have a habit of being told no by one parent only to go and ask the other one. Especially when it comes to buying a new car or having the last lollipop in the kitchen. When this happens, partners tend to end up screeching across the house to warn the other of the aforementioned “no” that was already told. Parents need walkie-talkies, that’s for sure!

Being a parent? Not always an easy thing to handle. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not the best ride to be on – ever.

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