Monday, July 22, 2024
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Finishing Touches: Making A House A Home

Renovating a house after you move in can  be a massive undertaking, but with house prices as high as they are in recent years it’s virtually impossible to buy a ‘perfect’ house that doesn’t need some work done to it!

I’ve bought 3 houses over the years and each one needed some work put into them. House number two was particularly dreadful with every room needing to be pretty much gutted to make them habitable! But each time we got there in the end and it’s always the finishing touches that we really get excited about. 

Whether it’s paint, wallpaper, curtains, sofas or fireplaces we love picking it all out and seeing it all come together after months of building work chaos. 

Although ways to heat up your home might not be be the first things that spring to mind when visualising your dream home, we always feel that well chosen designer radiators, stoves and wood burners transform a home.

Not only do they literally ‘bring the heat’ to a cold space they can look amazing too and are often the feature point of a room.

In our current home we have gone for some rather lovely vertical radiators in anthracite grey throughout our extension and we probably get more comments about them than we do about the extension itself!

These days there are so many options out there that going with something cheap and white is a bit of a let down. And it’s worth bearing in mind that although you might redecorate a room every few years your fireplaces and radiators are probably going to be there for many years to come so it’s well worth the investment. 

All we need to do now is save up for our new kitchen. One small step at a time I guess…

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