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Everything that I Learned from the Royal Wedding

On the 19th of May 2018 American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot in a lavish ceremony that garnered 11 million views from around the globe. Everybody with a connection to the outside world heard of it and were likely exposed to at least some of the details-even if they didn’t care to be! News of the wedding was everywhere, on television, radio and magazine covers. There was no getting away from it. And now that the big day has passed, you’re going to hear more about the royal wedding from me.

Particularly, you’re going to hear about what I took away from the wedding. Observing a huge cultural event such as this reveals a lot about people and society at large, and today I share with you what I observed.

Everybody Loves a Wedding

You don’t get 11 million viewers on your wedding day unless people loved weddings. The romance story between Prince Harry and Meghan was one that captivated so many, compelling them to not only watch the wedding as it unfolded but to also follow the ongoing process of preparation as it was told in magazines and on television. From the dress to the guest list, we practically salivated over every breathtaking detail.

Love Can-and Does-Overcome

There was a lot of controversy about this wedding, the bride and the groom’s relationship and what it meant to have an American woman marry into the royal family.  Some people weren’t just indifferent to the proceedings-they outright opposed the engagement, the wedding and everything either entailed. I won’t get too into the various causes of upset (because that could really be its own article), but there’s one plain truth that we can see: It didn’t stop them from saying “I do.”

It can’t be easy having nations full of people scrutinizing your relationship and your wedding, but Harry and Meghan pulled off their big day in style, without the weight of the critics anchoring them down.

Sentiment is Worth More than Diamonds

In this case, the diamonds are the sentimental part. But get this: Prince Harry used some diamonds from his mother’s collection. You remember his mum, the Princess of Wales, Princess Diana? The three stone engagement ring that Meghan received was crafted with two diamonds from her late mother-in-law’s personal collection. From one princess to another, these diamonds have been in the possession of the two most important women in a man’s life: his mother and his bride.

The ring is, of course, beautiful. But knowing that some of the diamonds once belonged to the “Peoples’ Princess” only makes it shine that much brighter.

No Day Is Too Important To Forget To Be Charitable

On the day of the wedding, representatives from seven charities were present. In lieu of traditional wedding presents, the bride and groom asked for donations to these charities. This goes to show that nobody is too big, or too rich, or too damn famous, to use their influence for the greater good.

Your Best Self is your Natural Self

There’s nothing wrong with getting dolled up for your wedding day, of course not. But if you look at Meghan’s face on her wedding day, she is effortlessly radiant in a minimalist makeup and hair look that still managed to take my breath away. Sure, Meghan would look flawless under pretty much any circumstances, but let’s get real with ourselves. How much pressure do we put on brides to look like our idea of “perfection?” Perhaps perfection is right in the mirror, without makeup and fillers and all the frills.


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