Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Kids On The Block: Encourage Your Young Ones To Play Music

Music is older than language. It has a way of connecting with people all across the world, it evokes emotion, memories, images, good times and sad thoughts. The benefits of music for kids, wow, that is something else.

For a child, playing music is not only fun, it builds confidence, encourages creativity, stimulates self-expression and, get this, it improves their cognitive function. What’s more, as this article by explains, it doesn’t matter what age or stage they are at, music has huge benefits fortheir development. That is why we have come up with a list of ways you can encourage your young ones to start playing music, and go on truly magical journey.

Have A Music Room

Maybe you can afford to transform one of the rooms in your home into a sort of ‘fun only’ room, or perhaps there is space in your garden to erect a posh garden shed. If not, just a storage box in a corner will do the trick. The important thing here is to overwhelm your kid with a ton of choice. Don’t force them down anyone route, just have things they can make music out of. A ukulele, a little drum, flute, recorder, pennywhistle, a Casio keyboard, a drum box, anything and everything you can think of. This will let their imaginations flourish like spring flowers, and that is where so much growth happens.

Outside Is Alive With The Sound Of Music

We completely get it if you don’t want to have a small child experimenting with how much noise a drum can make inside your home. So why not encourage them to make music outside. There are specialist companies like that make outdoor musical instruments, which will mean they have wonderful acoustics and precision no matter how much of a beginner your child is. If you are happy wearing earplugs and getting creative, then why not make a musical fence panel. All you need is a load of old bits and bobs to hang on it and voila, you have an instrument. Things like old pots and pans, and xylophones, some wooden salad bowls, and a few oven grills are perfect. Using their imagination, getting some exercise and playing in the great outdoors. What could be better?

Get Involved Yourself

Kids love doing everything their parents do. You make everyone dinner and for some reason, your child wants to eat what is on your plate and not theirs. It is insane. So why not encourage their musical intrigue by getting immersed in it yourself. If nothing else, it is a great way to connect with your child. Maybe you already play, in which case you can really teach them a few things. However, it could be your chance to learn the guitar like you always wanted. It could just be that you get involved by becoming their biggest fan. Ask to hear what they have been learning,find them an amazing Youtube guitar instructor and subscribe to their channel, and have evenings where they perform to you in their living room. Your enthusiasm will rub off on them, and the wonders of music will start to shape their imagination and skill. It’s magical.

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