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Acrylic Baby Penguin Set: Christmas Review

Light-up Konst Smide Penguin Set Review From Garden Site

Christmas is a magical time of year, especially if you have a young family. Everywhere looks so lovely with the decorations and lights as the whole world builds up towards the big day!

We love Christmas lights and always try to pick up something new each year to add to our collection. So when Garden Site offered us the chance to review a set of super-cute light-up penguins from Konst Smide we were definitely not going to say no!

The ordering process on the Garden Site website is dead simple, and they’ve set up a special Christmas Shop area. Here you can find a wide variety of trees, lights, decorations and garlands.

Most importantly for this review is the Christmas Characters section where there are nearly 150 different types of awesome Christmas-themed buildings, characters and creatures, including our lovely little penguin friends!

Delivery was speedy with our new family members arriving just 3 days after ordering. Here they are, having just hopped nervously out of the box and onto the sofa.

Each penguin comes in at a perfectly petite 12cm tall. As a group of five they make a very sweet little family, who are equally suited to outdoor life as they are indoors. The cable from plug to first penguin is 5m so they’re pretty easy to find a nice position for too.

They felt pretty reasonably priced too at just a smidgen over £25, so if you’re on the lookout for a few new family members this Christmas they are well worth a look. Just look at how lovely they look outside in the dark.

They also don’t require any feeding or trips to the vet and are quite happy to live in a cardboard box for ten months of the year! Check out the full range of festive characters here.

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