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3 Things We All Hate About Driving

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Okay, so we know cars are great at getting us from A to B. And for those of us who have a real passion for driving, there is a great joy to be had when getting behind the wheel.


Our cars can sometimes drive us round the bend, and we’re not talking on a literal level. There are some aspects of driving that annoy all of us, and after reading this article, you will be nodding your head like one of these blasted nodding dogs people stick on the back of their cars!

#1: The expense

There’s no getting around this fact. Cars are expensive! The price of fuel is always rising. Our insurance premiums can skyrocket too. And then there’s road tax to factor into our monthly budget, as well as maintenance bills when our cars decide to die on us. The chances of making savings for a new car are often against us because of the many factors driving down our finances.

Thankfully, there are ways to save money. We can do an online search for cheaper insurance for cars, and by driving safely, we can save money on fuel and potential repair bills. So the next time you’re bemoaning the expense of your car, look into ways to curb the expense to salvage your dwindling finances.

#2: Other drivers

If only the roads could be blocked off for our personal use only. Other drivers can be a real menace, especially when they pull out in front of us, or drive at snail-speed when we’re in a hurry to get somewhere. They tailgate us too, shout naughty names at us when we make mistakes, and perform illegal manoeuvres that put us in danger. 

When other drivers annoy us, we can all get a little bit angry. We might even be tempted to go all Mad Max on them in a bid to show them who’s really the king of the roads. Of course, we should curb our baser instincts, because we might only get in trouble if we don’t. So, with this in mind, here are some road rage tips if you’re prone to overheating when another driver hinders your day.  

#3: The guilt

We mentioned Mad Max a moment ago, and his post-apocalyptic movies might come to mind when you’re out driving. Our cars are responsible for damaging the environment, and if we don’t take steps to limit our carbon footprints (or wheel prints), we might one day be hurtling along desert wastelands in a world that has been ravaged by the effects of climate change. Sorry to add to your eco-anxiety!

Thankfully, you can reduce any guilt you feel about the effects your car is having on the environment. For one, you could buy an eco-friendly car, so consider that option if your current model is responsible for polluting the atmosphere. These cars generally use less fuel, and they can be cheaper to tax and insure too, so you will make savings eventually. These green driving tips are also useful, so have a read and conform to better habits. 

Driving: It can be a joy but it can also be an annoyance. Still, if you follow some of our suggestions, you can make your time on the road far more pleasurable. 

Take care, and happy motoring!

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