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3 Grapes For The Price Of One: Malvirà Treuve 2015

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Another month and another lovely wine to try out, courtesy of our friends at Independent Wine. This time it’s something a bit special, with 3 different grapes in one wine – the Malvirà Treuve 2015.

Malvirà Treuve wine

‘Tre uve’ literally means ‘3 grapes’, and in this lovely wine you’ll find a mix of 40% Chardonnay, 40% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Arneis. The Malvirà Treuve was produced in Piedmont, in the North of Italy in the foothills of the Alps and is available to you for the pretty reasonable sum of £19.95 from Independent Wine. I posted about a wine tour of that very area recently, so if you have a read you’ll see there are some great wine options available.

Malvirà is the most influential wine producer in the area and there is a good range available.

The Malvirà Treuve a dry wine, but very easy to drink, and as you might expect with 3 different grapes, it has a variety of flavours that really go together well. We tried to pin down what the various hints of flavours were and came up with ‘tropical fruits’, ‘nuts’ and ‘honey’ which was generally correct. The tasting notes on the website actually suggest pineapple, lemon, honey and hazelnut, so we weren’t too far off!

Sarah said she loved it and that it was a perfect combination of Sauvignon and Chardonnay and is something she would definitely buy again. Given they are two of her favourite wines, it’s probably no surprise that she enjoyed the combination. I would definitely agree, and next time it would be nice to have more than one glass, given Sarah had the rest last time before I realised…

We tried the wine with salmon and we felt it went really well together, but no doubt it would go equally well with a wide variety of food, given the variety of flavours in the wine. I would say it’s one of the nicest white wines I’ve had in a long time – dry and fresh, but with a very soft, almost creamy feel to it, and really easy to drink. If you’re in the market for a really good quality white at a decent price pop along to the Independent Wine website and have a look.

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