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3 Car Seller Tricks And 2 Signs You’ve Found A Good One

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So, you’re ready to buy a car. Or, more likely, your kid is ready to buy a car and you’re just along for the ride. First, you’ve made the right decision going to check out the cars with them particularly if you’re buying one used. It’s fair to say that sellers see teens as an opportunity because they know, they have no idea what to look for. Now, perhaps you don’t either but that’s fine because if you talk the talk and walk the walk, they’ll assume you do. It’s just like heading to a job interview you’re not prepared for. Act confident and they’ll believe you know what you’re talking about. Just don’t say too much because that can give the game away.

Beyond this though, you need to think about whether you have found the right sales team for you. Here are a few signs that you’ve stumbled upon a dodgy dealer and a couple that mean you’ve found a reputable seller.

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‘You Haven’t Thought This Through…’

Oh, this trick is very common and they pull it out the toolbox immediately. You might walk into a dealer after checking out a couple of cars you like online. Now, you’re torn between which one you want to see. At which point the dealer will tell you, they’ll only show you one and it’s not customary to let you test drive before you’ve signed a contract. Don’t let them see the confused look on your face because at this moment they know they have you and it’s also nonsense. A lot of dealers will let you test drive the vehicle and may even allow you to book it long before you sign a contract. There’s also nothing usually stopping you from test driving more than one. So, if you can’t do this, they’re probably hiding something and trust me when we say, you don’t want to find out what. If you get the feeling that a dealer is trying to push you to sign the contract before driving, don’t walk out the door run.

‘I know You Like That, But What About…’

Yes, in some cases this can be a dealer being friendly and really recommending a car that they think you’ll like. In others, not so much. Instead, they have decided they can fob off a dodgy dumpster fire that might have been sitting in their back lot for years. Be particularly wary if you walk in looking for a hatchback and they point you in the direction of a weirdly cheap speedster. You can find more about the right price for a used car on

‘We’ve Already Knocked X Off The Price’

This is a trick they use to make you think that the price is already on the floor. It isn’t and if you haggle it will always go lower. The price that you see when you walk through the door should always be classed as the starting point.

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Check The Receipts

You’ll know you’ve found a reputable dealer when they advertise their long history on the market like with a rep of nearly fifty years. Dodgy dealers don’t last more than five before customer reviews kill them. As well as this, customer reviews for a reputable dealer will be easy to find.

Take Your Time

Finally, a great dealer won’t rush you. They won’t try and push you towards a purchase. They’ll let you make your own decision at your own pace while providing you with the key information you need along the way.

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