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What To Consider Before Installing A Glass Roof In Your Kitchen

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Architecturally, glazed glass roofs and panels are the most aesthetically pleasing feature of a property. Installing a glazed roof can add the WOW factor to your home which is a very compelling proposal for most homeowners. Not only are they stunning additions, but they also have their benefits. Below are all things to consider before installing a glass roof in your kitchen extension.

As glazed glass roofs are a significant addition to your home, it is best to discuss the design and logistics with your architect during the design phase of your extension. Your architect will be able to offer their professional advice on the benefits and potential setbacks of a glass roof.  

Time Scale

Installing a glazed glass roof can extend your construction time frame due to the delivery of the glass and the installation. Depending on how tight your time frame is, you may need to consider how important a glass roof is for your extension. However, it is almost a guarantee that it is worth the wait as a glass roof is timeless in style and is long lasting.


Your architect may advise you on the placement of your glass roof and can discuss cleaning options with you. For safety reasons, it is recommended to have professionals clean your glass roof as it can be rather difficult. However, there is also the option of self-cleaning glass that just requires rain to wash off any dirt or debris that may have settled on your roof, making the whole process much easier!


When properly installed, glass roofs are very long lasting, so you won’t need to worry about replacing it within the first two decades. You also won’t need to worry about it going out of style as it is a timeless feature that adds an aesthetic flare to all properties.


Glazed glass roofs can be an expensive option, especially if you are choosing a large glass panel to cover the entire space. However, there are more budget-friendly options if you are set on having a glass roof. If you would like the same effect as a glass glazed roof but with a lower budget, then a profiled aluminium glazed roof may be the more practical option. Your architect can discuss different options with you and can help to discover a more suitable choice that marries up with your budget.

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