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The Must Have Children’s Accessories for your Child’s Winter Wardrobe

As the nights draw in and the weather gets cooler it’s important that your children are wrapped up and cosy. Or at least so I’m told.

This doesn’t mean that the more fashion conscious among them can’t still look the part! Here we will take a look at the must have accessories that are both warm and stylish with the help of Strawberry Children

Head Wear

No self-respecting fashionista would leave the house without some super cool head wear in the cooler months. Both boys and girls have a huge choice of accessories these days and hats are no exception. From a classic bobble hat to a peaked cap there is something for everyone. 

Not only that but you can match with mum or dad too! Winning. Or not, depending on how you look at it.

Neck Wear

No winter outfit would be complete without a super cute or cool scarf or snood. Choose a long woolly one, one with tassles, one with sparkles. Keeping your neck and chest warm and looking cool. My favourite are the hat-scarf-glove combo – in fact I have one!


Back in the 80s, before I was born obviously *cough*, I had a pair of white fluffy earmuffs. I remember them clearly. I think I might have got them for Christmas. Anyway, they have certainly made a comeback, my favourites have animals on them. I’m probably a bit old for that though.


Gloves and mittens are a staple for any child. Whether you wear fingerless gloves, mittens or gloves with little characters on each finger (why don’t they make adult versions of them?). Gloves are a must to keep little fingers warm.


Boots are essential footwear in the UK in winter. If it’s not raining it’s snowing. Wellies are a requirement for splashing in puddles, warm hiking boots are a pre-requisite for visiting all those National Trust properties you seem to frequent after children. 

My kid’s wellies are from Sainsbury’s but a lot of children wouldn’t be seen dead in anything but Hunters or Dubarry. Their feet grow so quickly that they only last a season – what’s the point? Unless you can pass them on or they sell them.

Tights or Leggings

These are suitable for both boys and girls. I love leggings for my son and tights are practical, keeping their little legs warm is very important and you get no sock/trouser gap. There are so many lovely designs and with the run up to Christmas you can get plenty of novelty ones too. Sure to keep little ones happy.


Whether your child likes a sparkly handbag, an over the shoulder number or a rucksack they all like somewhere to put their treasures. For treasures think: sticks, gems, conkers, stickers, jewellery, beads, their favourite toys and the occasional tissue. 


Now, I know it’s not the summer but the winter sun can be quite dazzling. My kids love their sunglasses. The bendy ones are perfect for toddlers who love to play with them. My seven year old prefers his aviators – he hasn’t seen Top Gun but I think he’s channeling his inner maverick. 



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