Thursday, May 23, 2024

Put Your Phone Away & Save A Life!

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We all know how tempting it is to check your phone quickly whilst driving. You’re at the lights and you hear the message tone go off or you can feel the vibration in your pocket and decide to just take a quick peek in case it’s something incredibly important!

Or you’re cruising along the motorway and your playlist ends, so you have a quick scroll to pick a new one. I’m sure most people have done it at some stage in the past without really even thinking about what they’re doing.

But just that quickest of glances at your phone could be the difference between stopping just in time when the car in front of you slams on their breaks, and smashing into it. And Kwik Fit have come up with a game to test your reactions when distracted. Have a go and see how much longer it takes you to stop your car when distracted by your phone!

But of course it’s not just your mobile phone that can distract you when driving. Here’s a few other common distractions for the parents out there:

‘Daddy, I’ve dropped my teddy / drink / toy / tablet / trousers’

Pretty much every car journey with a child will involve them dropping / chucking most of their belongings onto the floor, primarily under the driver’s seat. Leaving you to reach an arm around groping desperately to locate the mysteriously dropped item whilst trying to keep an eye on the road. Not easy!

‘Daddy, when are we going to get there. We’ve been driving for HOURS’

Few things are more distracting than a small person in the back of the car moaning about the length of a journey having been in the car for less than ten minutes. Actually, that pales into insignificance when compared to a baby screaming randomly throughout a whole journey. My word, that is the most stressful experience in the world. And yes, incredibly distracting!

So whatever your distraction may be during driving, make sure you concentrate on what’s most important – keeping you and your family safe!

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