Saturday, April 20, 2024

Me, me, my, my, mine, mine!!

Just a few weeks ago when filling out the 2 year assessment questionnaire the only question that wasn’t a definite ‘yes’ was the one about whether our little one used ‘me’ and ‘my’ more than he used ‘Joshua’s’ when describing things. At the time we thought that it would be good to teach him to say ‘me’ and ‘my’ more often.

A month down the line and he now says pretty much nothing apart from ‘NO DADDY, MY XXXX’. Today it was ‘no daddy, my pen’ as he forcefully scribbled across an envelope with a purple pen. Then ‘no daddy, my bed’ as I lay on his bed like a hibernating badger whilst Sarah was changing his nappy on the floor next to me, with him trying to drag me off it like a whale being pulled back into the sea.

Whether something is actually his or not is pretty irrelevant lately – everything now belongs to him and must be relinquished to him on demand. ‘No daddy, leave it alone!’ is another new favourite! Or more accurately ‘no daddy, leeb it lone’. Most commonly used when I’m trying to take something from him that is deemed to be his. Like my phone. Here we have ‘my sheepy’ and ‘my cushy’.


His vocabulary is definitely getting more advanced each day and that’s a lot of fun. My mum was convinced he’s ‘been here before’ when he knew the words ‘spider catcher’ earlier today despite not having seen one before! It is quite spooky what toddlers notice and remember even when you don’t think they have.

Fortunately he’s not started dropping the F bomb just yet, so he is perhaps not quite as observant as we might think. Or he’s just waiting for the most opportune moment to cause greatest impact!

Next step will be teaching him grammar and the correct use of the apostrophe…

In other news the weekend saw our 7th wedding anniversary, fortunately accompanied by some pretty lovely weather, allowing us to hang about by a lake in a country park near Swindon for a while and enjoy a nice cream tea! Those 7 years have gone pretty bloody quickly and despite a few bumps in the road have been pretty awesome!


The weather was even nice enough to let us try out some Snapchat filters!

Snapchat-8397309831257181102 Snapchat-8526463078581449437

Sunday was a very different vibe, as I spent the evening watching a live stream from the US of my friend’s funeral service. Definitely the first time I’ve watched a funeral live streamed on Facebook but it lost none of the emotion or intensity. Some really lovely eulogies were read out and it got me thinking of all the lovely conversations we shared over the years and back to the days when we all met online, bizarrely on a Katie Melua forum!!

We then all became bloggers together in 2004 at a time when I had become single and hated my job, so it was always good to have someone to talk about things with. Tristan was a lovely girl, who only had good things to say about people and she’ll be greatly missed by everyone that has known her over the years. ❤❤❤❤


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10 thoughts on “Me, me, my, my, mine, mine!!

  • Oh I think the guidelines for where kids should be for their age is nuts! Don’t get me started on what they are expected to do by the end of Year 2, write whole Shakespeare plays! I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Big hugs. #Chucklemums

    • To be fair my little one composed a play this morning entitled ‘No, no, no, no, no!’ It was quite limited in plot but had a strong message. Thanks for commenting!

    • Katie Melua was awesome!! Saw her live in Brighton once ??? Thanks Fran

  • ^^ what Fran said. And everything still belongs to the boy age 5, so that won’t stop. #chucklemums

  • ^^what I replied to Fran!! Thanks for giving me absolutely no hope for the future ??

  • Sorry to hear about your friend. Your little guy sounds like quite the character, I love it. Must be so much fun when they start to talk. Happy anniversary too! #BloggerClubUK

  • My kids are 4 and 2, and they both think that everything is theirs….we have a LOT of fights in our house….! :/ Sorry about your friend x
    Thanks for joining #chucklemums

    • Absolutely dreading that part!! From ‘my’ to ‘why’!!

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