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Holidays With The Family

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As soon as you decide to start a family, holidays change forever. Whilst pre-kids you generally have the flexibility to go away at any time of the year to save on costs, and to go wherever you fancy, as soon as you have children to think of everything takes that bit of extra planning! Here are a few different types of holiday that you may end up considering once you have a family to accommodate.


Perhaps not quite as exciting as venturing across the globe and exploring the sights and sounds of different cultures, but definitely easier to plan with a young family! With weather that can be a touch unreliable even during the Summer months, sometimes it is easier just to take a week off work and head out for a few day trips. You can keep an eye on the weather before you set off each day, explore a few different places or activities and not end up forking out hundreds to sit in a caravan in the pouring rain at somewhere your little one decides they hate!

UK Holidays

Again, staying closer go home, but this time actually booking some nice accommodation and getting away for a few days. It may cost a bit more than just heading out for a few day trips, but it does mean you can properly explore a new part of the country and have a base to head back to each evening. There are a wealth of lovely places to stay in the UK, as long as you get lucky enough to pick a decent week of weather and find somewhere with plenty to do to entertain the young ones! We generally go with companies like Hoseasons who have a great range of caravans and lodges across the UK at generally decent prices.

Overseas Package Holidays

Here you have a much better chance of some decent weather to relax in, along with the some decent pools, beaches and activities for the kids to enjoy. On the downside of course, you currently have all the rules regarding COVID travel restrictions to keep up with, along with the fact that you’ll probably end up paying a fair amount to spend your week sitting in a resort full of other people’s children running riot! Not always the most relaxing of experiences, but at least there are normally blue skies and cocktails!


If you find somewhere overseas that you really enjoy going back to each year then maybe taking out a Timeshare would be a decent option. Here you split the cost of owning a property with other owners by paying a set fee for a certain number of weeks each year, generally at a specific resort or resort chain. Timeshares can work out well if you really love a particular resort, but you do need to carefully consider things like how to change your allocated weeks if required and the resolution timeshare cost to end your contract should you ever need to.

Whatever option you decide to go with, holidays are a massive part of making the most out of the time you have with your family, but a decent bit of planning is essential to make sure you all have a great time!

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