Monday, July 15, 2024

Getting Excited By Previously Unexciting Things

Things I found exciting before becoming a dad are somewhat different to things I now find exciting. Here are some really not-very-exciting things that have been getting me excited in recent weeks:


1. Hearing on Nick Jr that there will be a new series of Paw Patrol starting in October! A NEW SERIES!!! How thrilling is that?! Pre-parenthood I can guarantee I wouldn’t have given two shits. I wouldn’t have even given one shit. ZERO SHITS would have been given! But now I’m genuinely excited.

2. Similarly the change in animation style of the new series of Shimmer & Shine. I’m not sure if I completely like it – but it’s exciting! And the new baddie character. And the new songs! Oh my it’s exciting and no mistake.


3. Joshua telling us that he has done a poo. After 2 years of denying the fact, like a pie addict saying he hasn’t eaten any despite crumbling pastry cascading down his over-stretched T-Shirt, it’s exciting that he now at least admits to it. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that 3 years ago I would not have garnered any excitement by someone telling me they’d laid a log.

4. Completing Joshua’s Paw Patrol puzzles. They only have about 10 pieces but I still get excited when I complete one. Some days it’s the only thing I achieve.

5. Building a tall tower with Joshua’s Mega Bloks. Strangely satisfying, although generally short-lived as he will tend to come over to destroy it within seconds. I might ask for my own set for Christmas so I can build 50cm towers in peace…


6. Buying toddler clothes. Three years ago we used to enjoy buying things for ourselves. Our shopping trips now consist of arbitrarily walking around clothes shops looking at stuff for us, but then leaving with things for him. If I manage to buy a 3 pack of boxers for myself it would now class as a successful shop.

7. Successfully leaving a park without a meltdown occurring. ‘Shall we go home now for dinner’, ‘No Daddy. Joshy like it dinner’ (he still says ‘like it’ when he doesn’t like something!!) ‘Shall we look at the horses?’, ‘No Daddy, Joshy like it horses’. Balls. But once in a blue moon he will decide we can leave the park in relative peace – and those are exciting times.

8. When Joshua kicks his legs at baby swimming. Little one used to treat swimming lessons as a spa session – laying back and floating around. But some days now he musters the energy to actually do a few kicks! That’s pretty exciting.

9. Making it through a whole chocolate dessert without the little one noticing. This usually requires extreme stealth but when it happens it’s a glorious moment.


10. Joshua waking up after 630am. Rarer than a donkey driving a Ford Capri, but on the 1 or 2 occasions this has ever happened it felt a little bit like waking up from a nap on the beach, under a palm tree, with a cocktail waiting for me. Three years ago if I was woken up before 8am on a non-work day I would have been spitting feathers. These days 7am would be positively a lie in and cause for great excitement.

So there we have it. I appear to get excited about a lot more little things these days – those small little victories or pleasures that would have felt pretty meaningless pre-Joshua in the grand scheme of things have now become the things that get me through the days with (some) sanity intact!

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27 thoughts on “Getting Excited By Previously Unexciting Things

  • Goodness gracious what has become of us all!? We clearly all need to get out of the house more – because I too find all of these things sadly exciting! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub 😀

    • Thanks for hosting! Between blogging and these tiny excitements life is almost too thrilling!!

  • That’s a great list. I can relate to the first one – I was just as excited as the girls at a new series of Go Jetters starting this week (how sad is that?!) and getting to eat a whole chocolate pudding is always a wonderful moment. My husband loves to build Mega Block towers too 🙂 #coolmumclub

    • You’ve definitely got to enjoy the little things in life!!

  • Hahaha, I am so with you on all of these things. Oh how our lives have changed. You have made my day though, there is a new Paws Patrol. YES! Thank goodness! That will make us a very happy house. Also, I too get very excited when someone has announced they have done a poo. This can be a bit embarrassing when it is Mr C and I do a big cheer and clap, but to be fair he seems to think that like the toddlers he needs to tell me! Thanks for linking up with #FridayFrolics

    • Fortunately my lady wife is far too classy to announce her toilet activities!! Thanks for hosting!

  • A new series of Paw Patrol is totally worth getting excited about. It’s worth celebrating! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    • All they need now is a new series of Dora that doesn’t feature Dora and the world would be a happy place ?? Thanks for hosting!

  • Yup. With you on all of these! I actually rushed home from work and sat in my work uniform immediately building the kids new Duplo set on Saturday. Could. Not. Wait. Only thing is they kept trying to “help”. Herumph. 😉 #marvmondays

    • Best to wait until they’re asleep! That’s what evenings are for these days surely?!

  • Haha, I can totally relate. I once sat and built the Mega Blocks giraffe on bag when my daughter was napping because I knew she kept destroying it when she was awake. The most bizarre thing was I was so proud of my creation! #MarvMondays

    • Little ones just don’t understand the joy of creation!! All about destruction with my one!!

  • I completely get this! I’m finding the oddest household items excited these days – hoover?? I’m in love with it and how satisfying things look once I’ve hoovered up all those crumbs – air dryer?? Isn’t it wonderful how it dries the kids clothes so I don’t have to iron them – utter utter bliss!! #MarvMondays

    • Must admit I’ve never been in love with a Hoover but well done for admitting it ??

  • Yes to new episodes of Paw Patrol! I get so fed up of re-watching the same episodes over and over again! #MarvMondays

  • The bar has really been lowered hasn’t it? Right there with you man #marvmondays

    • It’s nice to get excited – just a shame it’s about those things!!

  • Haha – love this! Yes, we’re all really sad! I hate it when I feel pleased with myself for doing a puzzle and then remember it is designed for 3 year olds!

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics.

  • Hi Joshua’s Dad, it’s funny how life changes when we become parents. A sneaky chocolate pud can make our day! As for little ones dropping logs in the right places, that is always a reason to celebrate! Hope you manage to get a lie in soon.


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  • Today I got over excited about seeing the bottom of my toddlers laundry basket. I also agree that I get VERY excited about new series of J’s programmes but this is mainly so I don’t have to sit through multiple repeats for a little while 😀

    • We’ve just started watching Cartoonito for the first time so we have a whole new range of toddler TV! Yay!

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