A Red For All Occasions: Diecianni Primitivo (Zinfandel) 2017

Collaborative post

I have a bit of a chequered history with red wine. Something about the majority of red wines sends me into a sleepy state, from which there is generally no return! Sarah on the other hand loves them, so I was very much reliant on her views this time around, as we were looking at the Diecianni Primitivo (Zinfandel) 2017.

Diecianni Primitivo

First up was our regular attempt to guess the flavours and accents within the wine and to compare it against the description on the Independent Wine website. Sarah identified that it had a smooth, slightly smokey taste to it and that there was some hint of dark berries. She however missed out on the hints of vanilla but again, a good attempt!

Her biggest compliment was the aftertaste. On occasions some red wines can leave a slightly unpleasant lingering aftertaste but this wine Sarah felt left a really nice taste in her mouth – so a definite winner even after the glass was empty. She almost remarked on the smooth taste and how it was really easy to drink…

According to the website this wine is fermented in stainless steel and then aged for three months in French Oak barrels, but will continue to age in the bottle for a further four to five years if you choose to hold on to it for that long. In our case the aging process stopped in August 2020!

Sarah tried this wine with a chicken burger and salad, but is sure it would work equally well with any type of meat, given its full, rich, smooth flavour. She said she would happily drink it again and at less than £15 a bottle it’s again pretty decent value considering the quality of the wine.

As always the wine came quickly and was very well packaged. All of our wine experiences so far with Independent Wine have been of the highest quality and we very much look forward to what comes next.

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