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3 Ways to Share Your Hobby With Your Kid

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Like any normal parent, you’re wanting to spend time with your kid while ensuring they have a good time with you. Those little memories are so special, and they add up, especially when they get to look back at it all. While parents are more than happy to have tea parties with their kids, play baseball (even when they’re not a fan), or essentially any interest your child has, sometimes, it helps to share your interest with your kid too.

It gets their little minds learning. One of the best things you could do is share one of your hobbies with them. It’s important to let your inner child live on, and the best way is through living it with your child.   But how can you do this? Especially getting them as interested as you are? Well, here are some ways you can easily do it!

Let Them Ask You Questions

Kids are naturally curious, and they’re more likely to like your hobby if you let them ask questions. This will help them understand the whole concept of the hobby and how it works. Also, they can learn from your answers. While yes, sometimes getting asked a whole bunch of questions can be annoying, at the end of the day, you’re trying to teach them something, and they want to learn. So asking questions is normal; in fact, it’s a good thing because it means they’re taking an interest! 

Go at it Slowly 

It’s best to start with something small and short-lived, such as a weekly game of tennis or a monthly trip to the museum. It’s important to avoid pushing them too hard since they may not be ready for it yet. If your child shows a natural penchant for the hobby, be supportive and provide them with any equipment that may be necessary. 

Once they seem enthused, then you can probably pick up the pace and go at it a little heavier. For instance, you can get your kid into cars by going to car shows, and then you can take it to the next step with a car project. This can include getting Ford car parts, and building/ repairing a car together! But it’s all about taking baby steps. 

You Need to Make Sure It’s Fun

Some hobbies can be considered boring; it’s fairly subjective, as it all depends on the person. Think of building ships in a bottle; for some, especially children, this could very well be considered boring. You need to keep in mind that your child isn’t a carbon copy of you. If you want to share your hobbies, then you need to make it fun. Whatever the hobby is, you’re going to have to find a way to make it fun for your child, like making it hands-on and interactive or like a game. Just don’t expect them to instantly have a blast. Afterall, they are literally children.

At the end of the day, sharing your hobby is meant to be nothing more than a bonding experience. Sure, it can be inspiring for kids, as it gets them to experience new things. They may like it, and they may not. But what matters is having fun with your kid. Never push something on them, as they are not you, but instead, embrace how different they are from you and how they’re willing to dive into your hobbies! 

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