Tips to Get More Tutoring Work

The summer holiday is fast approaching. However, there are many teachers who will keep rendering services throughout the vacation period. While the dream is to relax and enjoy the holiday, the reality is some of us do need to work throughout the summer months… usually as tutors.

With these in mind, My Tutor has released the following golden tips to help keep the cash flow from your tutoring biz flowing.

1. Create Professional Marketing Assets

First and foremost, you should design eye-catching business cards and flyers. This should not be an expensive affair as teacher Vicki asserts. You can use website design services like Vistaprint to design your professional looking postcards in an inexpensive manner. Additionally, you can also use Vistaprint to create your business cards.

It is critical that you include your credentials, your website (if you have one), and your contact information. To attract the right clientele, also your grade level as well as your subject of specialization.

2. Post Flyers on Your Local Community Boards

You should start by making a list of all the local venues that are popular with parents. The list should include ice cream parlors, libraries, coffee shops, pizza joints, supermarkets, after-school child-care facilities, and churches. Go to each of these venues and ask if you can put up your posters.

3. Make Use Of Your Personal Contacts

There is enormous power in word of mouth advertisement. Parents will trust the recommendation of someone they personally know and trust. As such, give your friends, family, and neighbors a hard copy of your fly or send a digital copy and ask them to pass it along. Do the same with your colleagues at schools whether it be your fellow teachers or your colleagues at school.

4. Use Social Media

Social media has the capacity and capability to reach to a large number of potential clients in a very short span of time. You can join your local mom’s Facebook groups. On the group, you can post your services there, reaching a large number of people with ease. Alternatively, you can use the Nextdoor social site. This is a social media website that focuses mainly on neighborhood social networking.

Also make a point of ensuring that your posts are engaging to increase the number of likes, shares, and comments. Doing this increases the total exposure of your services exponentially.

5. Opt To Use An Online Tutoring Agency

You should also consider creating an account on some of the notable tutoring agencies such as and WyzAnt. Such platforms provide an avenue for you to get your name and profile seen by a large number of people who want to hire a tutor ASAP.

However, you should note that you will be charged a fee in the form of a commission. As such, note that the more hours you work, the lower the overall commission you will pay. Additionally, you can make use of affiliate programs on platforms such as WyzAnt to retain more of your fees.

6. Consider Local Advertising

Advertising locally is another inexpensive yet effective option to pursue. You can use the classified section of your local newspaper and direct mail.

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