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The Unexpected Journey Of Parenthood

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Becoming a parent is supposed to be all about the joys of living a new person that you have helped create. It is about baby grows, and that newborn baby smell that makes you feel wonderful. But there are some unexpected things that happened when you become a parent. And some things that you need to know about if you want to be prepared fully. These are things that not everybody will tell you about, but as long as you embrace them with humour and a smile on your face, then you should be absolutely fine.

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New purchases

There are some things that you might not have had to purchase before in your life, and nappies aside, there are some of the things that you can find yourself laughing about in the supermarket aisle when you realise just exactly how much you’ve changed as an adult since having a child. Long gone are the party snacks and drinks, and now you’re picking up haemorrhoid cream and at up of ice cream instead. This isn’t all bad, but it just goes to show the sacrifices that we make for a new baby. This is Different for everyone, but most people discover there is something new that they have to learn and discover about shopping when you have a baby. This even comes down to when you take the baby with you shopping where the nearest baby changing unit is, and places that your baby may decide they don’t want to be. The good thing is babies will tell you very loudly if something is wrong so you won’t be able to miss the signs!


Yes, you will have heard about this one, but it’s very unlikely that you will know exactly what it means. Of course, some babies sleep very well from day one, and that is wonderful. But a good majority of children start out life wanting to party all night long, with their lovely parents and some milk! It can’t quite be described how tiring it can be having a child that doesn’t sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, but you will get through it, and ventrally your baby will sleep and you will get some rest!


There is one thing that most parents have in common, and it is that we always feel as though we aren’t doing enough. That’s the nature of the beast since we want our children to have the best, and going over and above to ensure that happens is something that we would all like to do. Unfortunately, we aren’t all superheroes, and sometimes we can’t give our children the world. And even though this is perfectly fine, as parents we can feel irrationally guilty even when our children are safe warm and loved, because we just want to do the best job we can!

So finding out the right balance for you, developing a great sense of humour, and expecting the unexpected will help you through those first months I’ve become in appearance.

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