Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Sofa So Good

With our extension now entering its 56th year of construction the end is finally nearly in sight. The only thing standing between us and actual plastered walls is our electrician, who just needs to move a couple of sockets prior to the plasterer coming.

Unfortunately our electrician isn’t the best at replying to messages. And when I say he isn’t ‘the best’ he’s not even a close runner. In fact he may legitimately be the worst.

But still, we’re very nearly there and, although it’s been a bit of an adventure, it’s genuinely pretty exciting that in a few weeks we’ll be able to start decorating and using the new space properly.

To clear a bit of space for the 2 new sofas we’ve ordered we put our old corner sofa on eBay a couple of weeks ago to see if we could get a few quid for it and to save the hassle of taking it to the tip. We set a starting price of £50 and a 7 day auction and were hoping to hit the £200 mark. So we were pretty chuffed to get £655 at the end of it!

All we need now is to save up a bit to buy some flooring and a new kitchen to put in it! Minor details…

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