Parenthood Means Saying Hello To Healthy Behaviour

Before you become a parent, you likely party the night away. Staying out late, waking up later and simply enjoying the best food and drink money can buy. You could head to the gym as often as you liked. Money was something you had which was disposable and for whatever you wanted to spend on – there was no restriction to being as selfish as you liked.

Then you became a parent and all of a sudden, the days don’t last forever. The late-night takeaways after a night of wine and laughter start to stick to your body instead of being worked off at the gym and all of a sudden you feel very aware of your own mortality. The speed that babies develop from small, curled up newborns to fully independent toddler who no longer wants your help with anything is startling and it can be a huge shock. You’ve swapped dancing the night away for night feeds and unlimited exhaustion, and yet you couldn’t be happier.

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When you start to realise how fast time is slipping by, this can often be the catalyst for you to realise that you need to start thinking about the future. Pension plans need research, you compare funeral directors to start setting up a plan so that your children never have to worry about dealing with your death in a financial way. Perhaps you set up life insurance and write a will for the first time in your life. It’s all very scary and grown up, but parenthood pushes you into healthy behaviours you may not have considered. These behaviours are all for your own preservation, as you want to be around to see your children grow up and develop into perfect people. You want to watch them walk down the aisle on their wedding day and you want to experience grandchildren one day.

Hold your horses, though, as grandchildren is something of the future and you have a life to lead right now. No matter how tired you are you need to make some healthy changes so that you can continue to lead a full life with your children and be able to keep up with them at the local park. Swapping coffee for green tea, for example, is a perfect way to keep your heart healthy and your nerves steely. I know, I’ve just suggested you stop mainlining coffee to stay awake – I’m a heathen. But swapping for green tea can not only give you a healthy boost, but it’ll help your metabolism. Ditching those late-night takeaways and eating more balanced meals is also going help you go a long way to healthy.

It may take parenthood to push you into living a healthy and more wholesome lifestyle, but if you’ve ever needed a reason to prolong your life and keep your mind and body working the right way, your children should be it. They are going to emulate the way you live, and you need to be the right role model for them. Remember that.

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