Your Holiday Cost-Cutting Guide

Depending on your definition of it, summer is pretty much upon us, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. The feel in the air, the smiles on people’s faces – we really do live in a country whose mood is so characterised by the weather!

Anyway, of all the things to get excited about, for us as a family the thing we look forward to most is holidays and trips away. It’s hard to really put a price on what a break can do – not only in terms of recharging the batteries, but also bonding and sharing precious experiences with your nearest and dearest.

But it’s fair to say that this summer rolls around at a fairly challenging time for many families, and not many will be in a position to throw caution to the wind in terms of budget. That’s not to say holidays should be cancelled this year, merely that if pennies can be saved, it all helps.

Here are some cunning ways in which you can make your pound go further in 2017…

Currency exchange

Clearly the sterling has suffered since the Brexit vote, and our trips abroad became more expensive almost overnight. There have been signs of a recovery of late, but we ultimately don’t have the buying power across borders that we did a year ago. It’s all the more important to make sure you get the best possible deal when changing your money. All the usual rules apply about steering clear of airport forex booths and banks. But recently some even more dynamic options have emerged, with Revolut being the standout option. By using this online platform, you can extract the perfect rate, and with a multitude of currencies.

Getting to and from airports

Often we book our flights, and consider the cost of transport to be out the way. But it can be a nasty shock on the day when taking public transport to and from the airport. On both sides! A bit of planning goes a long way in this respect, and you’ll want to ensure that you have ample time so that you don’t have to take expensive express options. And if you’re driving, it’s well worth putting some time into finding the most affordable parking deals.

Get good-value insurance

So often people seem to hesitate when it comes to paying the extra cost of insurance, which I can never understand. Especially when you consider that, these days, you can get single-trip cover for as little as £5 from the likes of Leisure Lite. And if you’re looking to travel a few times a year, annual cover for as little as a tenner from such sites is a no brainer.

The late market

If you’re willing to be flexible about where you want to go, then there are plenty of great deals to be done in the weeks leading up to your departure. Choice will of course be more limited, and it will need some flexibility on your part. But, at the end of the day, there will be tour operators and agents needing to get bums on seats, so you can save a bucket load by delving into the late market.

Pay for your holiday sensibly

Paying for your holiday on credit card can be very sensible. Not only can you profit from reward schemes like cashback and free insurance, but you also enjoy Section 75 cover if anything goes wrong. But if you can’t afford to clear the balance, then chances are you’ll be hit with some pretty hefty interest. A cheap personal loan may well be a more preferable option as a result.

All these sorts of things may seem like small gains on paper, but, added together – and considering they apply per individual – can shave hundreds of pounds of your next holiday.

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