Feeling Frugal: Contact Numbers UK and #CNUKFrugalFoodie

Here at You Have to Laugh, we are a frugal lot.

We like to save money wherever we can (and plough it back into our website, obvs). We all make sure our shopping trips are well planned around the best offers available, clubcard points and so on. That’s why when Contact Numbers UK contacted us to get on board with their current campaign #CNUKFrugalFoodie we were only too happy to help.

First of all I should point out that we are quite partial to wine.

I’m aware that this is not frugal, but if you enjoy wine then you enjoy wine, and that’s all there is to it. Recently there was 25% off if you purchased 6 bottles of wine from Sainsbury’s. Of course Tesco and Morrisons also run similar offers, but Sainsbury’s is literally a stone’s throw from my house, and pushing a pushchair with 6 bottles of wine jingling about is no picnic. You get some looks, I can tell you, but you’d have to be mad to turn down THAT offer. If you’re partial to a glass or two in the evening, then stocking up when it is on offer is the sensible, frugal choice – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


We also collect Clubcard and Nectar points.

And we save our points for when there are double points events. At the moment I have over £30 of Nectar points which will equate to £60 at the double point event (I didn’t even need a calculator to work that out). No brainer, right? Being the overly sensible soul I am, I buy a year’s worth of water filters with it. I am SO rock n roll but filtered water is a must in hard water areas and the filters aren’t cheap. I’m boring you now, aren’t I?

Last year I had enough Tesco Clubcard points to buy a large trampoline that is currently face down in Granny’s back garden. That was well worth the £80 worth of points, and hours of blood, sweat and tears that went into putting the bloody thing together, only for it to be blown over by a gust of wind and remain there for the foreseeable. At least I didn’t actually pay for it.

When I’m being really good, I meal plan.

This ensures I only buy what we really need to make each meal plus you don’t have the 4pm “what shall I cook for dinner tonight?” or is that just me? I also normally do the “big shop” online. It means I don’t spend that extra £20 on doughnuts and other things I don’t need (peanuts, chocolate, sweets). When I do pop into the store for the inevitable midweek top-up of bread and milk I always check the reduced section – I’m a sucker for a yellow sticker. Although sometimes, that turns out to be not so frugal, if you end up buying things you didn’t need in the first place (let’s not mention the half-price cake in the reduced section that was panic bought last week).

Contact Numbers UK have the customer services phone numbers available for a variety of companies, including Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s; just click on the links to find them.

This post was written in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK.

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