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Easy Ways to Prep the Guest Room for Christmas

Do you have everyone booked in over the festive period? Chances are, most of us will have family and friends staying over at some point during Christmas week. But when did you last make the spare room more than the place where the washing basket and sad-looking blow-up mattress lives?

If you think the spare room could do with some TLC before Auntie Margaret descends with her overnight bag, now is a great time to revamp the space. To make it more hotel room and less random space for the things that won’t fit in the loft, here are some quick-fixes.

Have a Clear-Out

De-cluttering the room is a great starting point.Remove everything and be honest about the things that need to be thrown away, upcycled or given to charity.

Start with the floor before working through any wardrobes and drawers. As you assess what you have, you may find that the work you have to do on the room lessens. For example, you could discover that you do have enough linen for the spare bed rather than having to go and buy more or perhaps you’ll find extra coat hangers for your friends and relatives who are staying over to use.

From there, you can start on revamping the space. 

Give it a Lick of Paint

If it’s been a while since you last painted the room,now is a great time to rethink the colour scheme. A fresh colour on the walls can make such a difference to the space and can instantly make it look like a different room.

If you want to freshen up the colour palette, you can do this fairly easily and inexpensively by planning the colours you want first and shopping around for the paints you’ll need. Remember to allow enough time for the walls to dry before Christmas rolls around, though!  

Dress the Windows

Whether you have a love of swooshing curtains or you want to invest in some elegant blinds, updating how the windows are dressed can make a real different to how light enters the room. You could try neutral colours to let other elements in the room create an impact or opt for high impact coloured blinds, like these purple ones from Direct Blinds.

Should you be starting with how you dress the windows, you’ll find that you can makeover the colour scheme from there. 


While the single bed might not be much, adding some cushions and a pretty throw can give it a stylish touch. Working your new colour scheme into these is a lovely way to tie everything together and make the space look comfortable for your guests.

While these are simple steps, they can transform the room and make it look both presentable and cosy.

*this was a collaborative post 

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