How to create the perfect games room with limited space

Making space for exciting and enjoyable products is far more difficult when children are present in your house.

A clutter of unused and often broken toys are piled up in almost every room which makes you wonder how your once tidy and efficiently run household turned into this child created bomb site.

You need to make a stand and dedicate some communal space which can be appreciated by all family members. It’s time to claw back some power out of the tyranny that your children have ever so cleverly implemented on your once peaceful establishment. You have to laugh!

The concept has proven to be highly beneficial for both work and home life. An article on the Metro website, indicates that people were significantly less stressed and enjoyed their life far more with access to a gaming room.

Identifying products that are streamlined and practically designed is key. Perhaps adopt a local pub theme and maximise your space with traditional games like darts, snooker and arcade machines. This will create a fun and vibrant atmosphere which can be appreciated by all family members.

If you want to see a selection of what can be achieved, then check out the finalists for the 2015 UK Games room of the year on google. The designs demonstrate how a strong depth of content can be achieved no matter how much space you have available to work with.


Finding new and creative initiatives like the brand new convertible Snooker tables from Hamilton Billiards could be a strong starting point. This dynamic design allows the fun and enjoyment of Snooker as well as doubling up as a dining room table.

The concept gives you the chance to unwind and divulge into a peaceful pastime as well as providing a place for family members to dine. No space is compromised, which means more space for those unwanted Christmas toys which have ensued financial meltdown.

If you need to find products required for the construction of a pub-themed games room then check out Ironmongery Experts – They offer a wide range of high quality latches, hinges and accessories that will help create the atmosphere befitting of a communal games room and give you a strong and versatile finish.

Putting the room together is also something you don’t need to concern yourself with. Why not try out #1 Handyman in London, The Handy Squad who offer a range of services such as carpentry, decorating and electrics. The premier Handyman service in London will create your new gaming room with a reliable and efficient level of service.


This article was written by Lewis Camp, who is a copy writer at AD LAB. Lewis is a keen games room fanatic and passionate about copywriting, athletics and Star Wars.

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