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4 Causes of Family Conflicts

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Conflicts are inevitable in all marriages. They may be due to various reasons like differences in ideologies, customs and family backgrounds. You cannot always have a perfect relationship, but you can reduce these conflicts.

To curb conflicts in homes, you have to know the possible causes and various factors responsible. Read on and educate yourself on some four main causes of family conflicts.

Financial Issues

Money is the main factor in family conflicts. It can range from disagreeing about inheritance to fighting over who will pay for family events or ageing parents. Moreover, your spouse may feel like they are overspending, and this can cause conflicts.

Family monetary conflict is the topmost reason why families fight and disagree. For instance, if your family member feels unfairly given their share, they can harbour resentment over the years or even a lifetime. This is because finances are associated with emotions and meanings that run deep for some individuals.

It is normal for one to feel disrespected or even have painful emotions that cannot be easily forgotten. Family conflicts can be so devastating, and they must be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent outbursts and major issues soon.

Divorced Parents Conflict Over Kid’s Care and Discipline

 The proper children’s discipline and care is a central point of contention for many divorcees regardless of their grounds for divorce.

One parent may be lenient, while the other may have a more rigid style to deal with kids. You might feel like much of your effort dissolves when the kid goes to the other parent’s home. Sometimes this can be daunting and even enraging leading to constant fights.

Co-parents that work as a team when it comes to their kids are a blessing to see. To achieve this, you may consider communicating less with your ex-partner. It will help if you only talk about logistical matters associated with the kid.

As a result, you will have reduced scandals with the other parent hence living peacefully.

Family Business

Many families worldwide have family businesses often started by one couple and then passed down to their children. These children must work as a team for it to succeed, but this is never the case.

Unfortunately, some members of the family mistrust others, and as a result, there are all types of family business conflicts. In some cases, the conflict can change to an extended family conflict since the relatives will take sides.

So, partnerships are hard, regardless of whether the participants are relatives or not. But, it will be best if you look for ways to run the business peacefully and look for ways to solve these conflicts before they escalate.

Stepparent-Stepchild Conflict

Generally, adopting a stepchild is an emotional and serious endeavour, but accepting a stepparent may prove more difficult.

When a kid lives with a stepparent they do not like or vice versa, there will be a lot of resentment in the family unit. Additionally, if a small kid is involved, some relatives may be drawn to the conflict, making it worse.


Dealing with and successfully solving family conflicts is not a walk in the park. However, families may not solve their conflicts themselves. Sometimes, one devoted member can take charge and maintain order in the family.

Once the internal attempts fail, it will help if you consider involving an expert in family conflict resolution to help your family find and maintain peace.

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