Why I Love My New Home

I loved my house, of course I did.

I spent 7 years of my life there, conceived two children there (too much information?) and have many fond memories of the place. When we were told our landlord wanted it back so she could sell it, on one hand we were devastated as we were only given 8 weeks notice, but it actually came as a blessing in disguise.

The day we received the phone call from the letting agent (notice the landlord didn’t have the guts to call us herself despite the fact that she “managed” the property herself. I use the term loosely as she pretty much refused to do any work that needed doing and claimed that tenants should pay for work themselves. I digress, where was I? Oh, yes)…. the day we received the call I went straight on the internet and searched for houses in the local area.

I also put out a plea on my personal Facebook page and received a message from a friend who told me that there were two empty properties that were literally a couple of hundred yards away from our house. They were both bigger than our current house and a couple of hundred pounds out of our price range but I made an appointment to view them anyway. What did we have to lose?

My partner and I visited both houses on the Saturday morning.

We loved both the houses as soon as we saw them. They were essentially identical inside but one had slightly more outdoors space and had been refurbished more recently. I decided to make a cheeky offer of the same rent as we were currently paying – £170 under the asking rental price. To my complete shock and joy it was accepted!

We now have a larger house, with an extra bedroom which is fantastic because who doesn’t need more space? One of the best parts is that in the dining area it has wood laminate flooring (just like this from these commercial flooring contractors) and in the bathroom it also has laminate flooring. At our old house we had carpets in every room but the kitchen and to be brutally honest, it’s unhygienic! Living in a house with boys and a carpet in the bathroom is just asking for trouble, and having carpet in a dining area is not easy to clean particularly when they favour spag bol for tea.

Now we have laminate flooring it’s so much easier to tidy up after meal times which is no mean feat since we have a toddler who likes to throw his food about.

Now we are settled in our new house and happy, I thank our old landlord for giving us the push. It just goes to show that often things do happen for a reason even if at the time it doesn’t seem that way.

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