Ways To Bring Light Into Your Home

When you’re planning an extension, one of the key things to think about is light.

Not only to the new build, but of course it is vital to consider how the build will affect the level of light to the existing rooms. It can be really tricky because if you are building across the complete stretch of your house like we are, up and down, then the new rooms can block out light from an existing room altogether.

This was the case with our house. When planning our en suite second-storey bedroom, we were given the choice of bricking up the only window in our children’s bedroom, or making a strange upside down L shaped bedroom around it, allowing the window to remain, bringing in limited light, with a stunning view of a brick wall.

The architect had persuaded us to opt for the latter, but when the builders looked at the plans, for the first time of many they had a different solution. Rather than giving our children a gloomy room with little natural light, and ourselves a strange shaped and very expensive bedroom, we would save ourselves considerable expense by bricking the window up allowing us to have a regular, rectangular room, and instead the light would come in to the kids’ room via roof lanterns or roof windows.

We opted for the latter, and it has been installed in the roof but we haven’t yet knocked through the ceiling, but I am hopeful that it will let enough light into the room and provide a good amount of air flow which is of course very important.

Our existing living room has a window at the front and did have a glazed door at the back which will now become an internal door.

The same goes in the kitchen. In both of these rooms, the number of windows will be reduced to one and the glazed area cut to less than one third of what it was.

Our current living has a very large mirror in the room which helps add space and light. The room will, I assume, mainly be used in the evenings as we will have a new family room with a huge glazed door and window, so it feels like the light is less of an issue for this room.

The kitchen however is dark and gloomy with dark wooden units, dark tiled walls, a black tile floor and dark grey surfaces. I don’t know who picked it out but it’s always been a huge bug bear of mine, and now it’s in dire need of replacement.

Unfortunately it isn’t part of our build this time around, but as soon as we are able to afford it, we will be getting the kitchen done properly. We want to replace the floor with an easy-to clean linoleum floor and the room will be cheered up with light, neutral paint and new much lighter units.

You’re welcome to visit the home section of my blog to see further pictures as the build progresses!

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