Top tips for the perfect family holiday!

A family holiday is a fantastic way to make memories, but there are a lot of factors you need to consider. If you’re planning a getaway with the children, here are our top tips for making sure your holiday is one to remember (for the right reasons!):

1) It pays to research

Think about everything you want from a hotel. Things like Kids’ clubs, babysitting services, children’s pools and activities for children are all things you need to look into before you book.

Nowadays it is very affordable to jet off to sunnier climes, particularly when your children are in their preschool years. The worst feeling is getting to your destination and realising that everybody else paid less than you for their holiday! So, if you’re looking to book a bargain family holiday, check out Holiday Gems for Low Cost Holidays.

2) Pack when the kids are asleep

Packing with children around is just futile. In my experience, the younger one just unpacks everything as you go, the older one tries to ‘help’ by packing such much-needed items as a pillow, a Peppa Pig too big to fit in the suitcase, a Snow White costume and a bath mat (actually, the latter may have been useful…).

Speaking of packing, never underestimate quite how many items of clothing a child can get through in a day (theirs and yours). When dripping in suncream and eating ice cream and suspiciously florescent drinks, the outfit changes my toddler got through could rival Beyonce. Pack lots. Don’t depress yourself by packing books. You will NEVER get to read them.

3) Tidy the house before you go

Returning at 4am with ridiculously overtired children and a suitcase packed with a week’s worth of washing to a house which looks like it has been hastily abandoned in a drugs bust is the absolute pits. Make time to clean and change your sheets or be prepared to hate yourself.

4) Take snacks

Lots and lots and lots of snacks. If you think you have too many snacks, you probably don’t have enough. Say the flight is two hours, and a packet of Pom Bears takes fifteen minutes to get through, that’s another hour and three quarters (plus another hour for delays) that you need to account for.

5) Get a tablet (and don’t forget the charger!)

Download CBeebies in its entirety and a bunch of games for the flight to keep the toddler amused. Buy headphones so you don’t have to listen to it.

6) Present your child with a new and interesting toy

Something new is always exciting and will capture their attention for a while, at least. Make sure that it is out of the packaging, constructed and working prior to presenting them with this toy.

7) Remember to take earplugs!

Ostensibly for potential hotel noise, also useful if you end up having to share a hotel room with your noisy children. Definitely take them with you on the flight. Your own children aren’t the only unhappy ones on there.

8) Don’t panic!

You’re on holiday; try to relax a bit (easier said than done with kids about I know!) and not to let the little things get to you. Most things you’ll need you can buy at the resort. I find a nice glass of wine really helps the relaxation process!

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