Things I Won’t Miss & Always Remember Even When My Baby Grows Up

It’s not easy raising kids. I’m a stay-at-home dad as my wife is the one in-charge of our finances. Well, she got a better job (luckily!) I thought I was fortunate staying at home and taking care of my little tot.

I witnessed Enzo’s first smile, first laugh, first walk, first bite, and the first time he called “dada” and “mama.” Those moments made me so proud and really proud of my wife raising him until it was her time to get back to work.

I remembered the first day Harriett left for work. I was kind of nervous (my heart was beating faster as she was about to say goodbye!) I knew I’d be in charge of Enzo for many months and probably a few years! (argh!) Okay, within the first few hours I was about to bath Enzo. He’s seven months and has grown so big. It’s so easy to give him a bath. I’ve seen Harriett doing it many, many times. That’s what I thought! Since Enzo’s a big boy now, he’s also naughtier. He keeps on moving in his bathtub.

After the holds and stops, at last! We’re almost done! Enzo stared at me and stop moving. I was a bit surprised at this moment. Until I smell something. He’s baking! I mean, he’s doing the doo.

I thought it was another lucky day for me, the first time my wife returned to work. Oh man, I just didn’t know what to do. It was a mess! I wouldn’t forget that day until now that Enzo is almost two. Every time I remember that moment, I was giggling even when I’m alone. Whew!

As a stay-at-home dad, here is a list of things I wouldn’t miss even when Enzo grows up (in a random order):

• Late nights and broken sleeps.
• Pain in the back from giving him a bath.
• Washing feeding bottles and breast pumps every day.
• Washing cloth diapers.
• Tiredness.
• Sleeping, waking and sleeping again in the same pj’s
• Waking up when I want to sleep.
• Cleaning up the moment he’s awake.
• The awkward conversations with strangers when we stroll to the park.
• Strollers.
• Rear-facing car seats.
• Buying tons and tons of disposable diapers.
• Sterilizing feeding bottles, nipples and pacifiers.
• No time for my personal thing (bathing, toilet etc)
• Rushing to do my stuff before he suddenly wakes.
• When he cries and I couldn’t stop him.
• When I want to cry too, but I can’t.
• My wife gets angry when Enzo’s diapers and milk run out and I forgot to shop.

Things I Wouldn’t Forget Even When Enzo Has Grown Big:

• Enzo’s solo time with me. We had fun and would always have fun together when mom is out!
• We danced when no one’s around!
• We sing so loud and we don’t care.
• Enzo taught me how to be patient and extend my patience more.
• I made good decisions.
• Multitasking!
• Enzo made me laugh a lot.
• Smiling alone.
• He made me realize my role as a dad.
• Enzo taught me how to handle pressure well.
• I learned to talk to babies and understand them.

What do you wouldn’t miss and would always remember even when your baby grows up?

Daniel Jones inspires many dads by sharing his and other’s experience in raising their children. Being a dad is not all about responsibilities, but finding happiness in loving your kids. He is also a writer and a regular contributor for

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