The You Have To Laugh Comedy Parenting Awards 2017

Since launching this site in November 2016 we’ve featured loads and loads of brilliantly funny articles about parenting from some of the most talented writers out there.

As bloggers who try to be funny ourselves we know that writing amusing things on a regular basis really isn’t easy. In fact, you could say that being funny is a serious business!

{insert canned laughter here}

In honour of all those brilliantly funny writers out there who still manage to produce comedy gold despite the trainwreck that is parenting we are launching the You Have To Laugh Comedy Parenting Awards 2017. We are keeping it short and sweet this year, with four categories…

And since you ask, these are:

Best Comedy Parenting Blog

The main award – for the most consistently funny and awesome parenting blog of the year! The one that nails it every single time and is your must read.

Best Comedy Parenting Post

The one post that has made you LOL / ROFL / PYSL the most over the past 12 months and that you would recommend every parent should read if they need a good laugh.

Best Comedy Parenting Blogger on Social Media

There can be no doubt that, love it or hate it, social media is a massive part of blogging these days. This award recognises the blogger that most regularly has you chortling at their social media feed. Be it from sharing jokes, funny stories or brilliantly shareable memes, the choice is yours!

Contributor of the Year

We’ve featured well over 250 posts on You Have To Laugh since we launched in November 2016 and they are all pretty awesome, even if we do say so ourselves! But which contributor is your favourite? Check their posts out here before you make your nomination! Obviously, this one is only for writers that have been published on the website but is not restricted to bloggers.

The rules…

The You Have To Laugh Comedy Parenting Awards 2017 are open to anyone in the world (even you!) and everyone is entitled to nominate one person for each category – but you don’t have to, your call. You can submit your own blog or post if you like, and make sure you encourage your followers to do the same – you are welcome to use our ‘nominate me’ badge (below) on your blog which links straight to this post and nomination form.

The five in each category with the most nominations received by the deadline, plus two nominees selected by the panel (that would be us, and maybe a few special guests) will then be put forward for a public vote. It’s that simple!

There will probably not be a glittering awards ceremony and the prizes are unlikely to have any monetary value, but imagine the kudos of being hailed the funniest parenting writer in the world as voted for by other parents!

Nominations for the You Have To Laugh Comedy Parenting Awards 2017 open on 1st September 2017 and close on 30th September 2017. Voting on the seven finalists in each category will then open shortly afterwards with the winners announced in October!

To nominate your favourites for each category just fill in the form below.

We need these details so we can make sure everyone has only nominated once!

Category 1

Just fill in the name of your favourite comedy parenting writer's blog name in the field above to nominate them!
Please enter the website address for your nomination!

Category 2

Pop the web address of your favourite blog post from the last 12 months in the box above to nominate!

Category 3

Please enter the full address of your favourite comedy parenting social media account.

Category 4

Your favourite contributor on YHTL since we began!
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