My Scales Are Clearly Broken!

I waddled to the scales this morning.
Eyes half shut I climbed on, yawning.

The numbers climbed extremely high.
I really can’t imagine why?

In fact it gave me quite a scare
To see such numbers flashing there.

Perhaps, as far as I can tell.
A hippo had climbed on as well?

It left me feeling quite perplexed
And more than just a little vexed.

But I found the answer in the bins…
A hoard of empty chocolate tins!!??

So SOMEBODY (it wasn’t me).
Has stuffed me full of cake you see.

I feel quite like a jersey cow
And so I must take action now!

Bring out the workout DVD!
It’s lettuce peas and rice for tea!

But look ..
A lone mince pie…
The sorrow…

Maybe I’ll just start tomorrow… ;0)

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