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The SmileSquad are our site contributors and guest posters, and (I might be biased here) some of the funniest parents on the web. Possibly in the world.

You can find a bit more about them below. If you want to see the posts they’ve contributed to the website just click on their smiley faces!

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MumzillaSarah also goes by Mumzilla. She is a Mummy to a small boy, wife to his Daddy and muddling through the transition from working mum to stay at home and blogging to keep her brain ticking over. She would like to point out that she’s not a Mumzilla in the scary obsessive alpha-Mummy sense, more of a bumbling around, knocking things over and occasionally roaring sense.

Sarah can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Katie blogs at The Squirmy Popple, where she writes about the (mostly) funny side of being a newish parent, with the occasional rant about feminism and politics. When she’s not blogging, Katie writes digital content for the public sector, which means that she spends approximately 12 hours a day in front of a computer.

Katie can also be found on Twitter, and Facebook.




Dawn is a thirty *mumbles* year old mum of two very busy children.  The Girl is 4 and The Boy is 2.  They live in Yorkshire with their wonderful Dad, who is fondly known as “Daddy Pig”, as he is of course “rather an expert at everything”.  Their last four years have been mind-blowing, if a little bit mental.

Dawn blogs at Rhyming with Wine, which is an ongoing collection of rhymes, mostly about the general silliness & hilarity of family life.

Dawn can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Beth, also known as Beta Mummy is many things. Mum. Engineer. Doodler. Writer. And (in her own words) decidedly beta in all of the above. She blogs and does amazing doodles at The Adventures of Beta Mummy – doodlings and musings on what a f*cking disaster parenthood can be…

Beta Mummy can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.





Sam is the “Me Too” bit at the house of Mouse and Moo, who are her two young daughters. Not ACTUALLY called Mouse and Moo, that would be cruel. She does funny quite well and serious quite well, so you never quite know where you’ll end up when you start reading one of her posts, but we love her. You can find her over at She’s also on all the medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.




Daddy Poppins quit his job to look after his kids. He’s blogging, joking and tweeting his way through the madness. You can find him at Daddy Poppins.

You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.




Mumonthenetheredge blogs from, er, the Nether Edge in Sheffield. She’s not sure what she’s on the edge of – but with the best will in the world it’s probably not ‘glory’. Visit her at,  Facebook or follow on Twitter. Expect neurosis, profanity, angst and over-sharing.




Media Mummy, aka Kimberly, works in TV and juggles producing programmes with producing small humans and a blog. She started writing to keep the creative bit of the brain alive on maternity leave, and after spending too long on social media at 1am, 3am, 5am… She has a cycling-mad husband, 3 year old, an 8 month old and a craft beer addiction interest.

You can find Kimberly on her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



Celine is a mum of two boys, frustrated writer and gin drinker.  She lives in East London but isn’t nearly cool enough. Perma-knackered, she believes wholeheartedly in just getting through the day.  Everybody fed, nobody dead.  And a gin and tonic at 7.01pm.

You can find Celine on her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



Louise is a mum to two little girls, blogging at Little Hearts, Big Love. Her blog is a hotchpotch of posts about everyday family life, the things kids say and the challenges of life as a heart family along with the occasional rhyme about parenthood and a few doodles every now and then.

You can also find her on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



Sharon is married & a mum to 4 kids, 2 girls, 2 boys. They range in age 16, 14, 10 & 9 and are all qualified in “Givers of attitude, takers of sanity”. She lives in Surrey, and according to her kids is in no way posh at all. She spends her days being funny (her words) nagging the kids (teen son’s words) and trying to avoid kitchen slavery! She is a great singer (her mum says she is!) and is often caught wailing to New Country. She works p/t for her local police force and enjoys this time of peace and quiet with the bonus of getting paid.

You can find her holding her head, thinking on her blog Everyone’s Buck Stops Here, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



The name is Wobbles, ColleysWobbles (It’s Gemma really but that wouldn’t have sounded as good would it).

Gemma is just another person trying to figure out parenthood, whilst riding the wave that is life…wobbles and all. A regular scatterbrain, and occasional ‘epic failer’ (Have a look at her blog Nobody’s Perfect and things will become clear). She’s a proud Yorkshire lass and mum to two lovely (occasionally not so lovely) little boys, and the wife to a very patient/understanding husband.

A fan of all things creative and colourful, keep your eyes out for the odd doodle here and there. Owner of multiple brain farts, someone once told her she needed to write them down, and here we are.

You can find Gemma on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram


Lisa is a 30-ish year old mummy to a two year old mancub and a working mum/housewife to her long suffering hubs. She writes about anything and everything but mostly parenting, mental health and food over at Pass the Prosecco… Please.

She can also be found swearing, eating and making terrible jokes over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Claire blogs at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes about life in a house full of boys and Lego.  Her blog is mainly about the amusing side of parenting, and life with small people.  If you’ve ever been wedged in the rollers at soft play, or forgotten the change bag the day your kid projectiles, you my friend are not alone.

Claire can also be found on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



Sophie is a newbie blogger who lives in an old house in the countryside in the Shires that are Wiltshire. She has 2 amazing teenagers who drive me bonkers as well as Dottie dog, 2 cats and a very patient hubbie. Her blog is still evolving but she mainly writes about parenting dilemmas, gardening and some lifestyle type stuff. When she’s not blogging, she can be found walking her dog, going to vintage fairs or working as a Primary school teacher.

Sophie can be found on her blog, Old House In The Shires, Twitter and Facebook.



Liz is wife of Brian and has been attempting to homeschool their two children for the past 7 years, famously telling them that the Normans were from Norway. They are now 15 and 12 and she still hasn’t told them the truth. Liz emigrated to New Zealand from the UK in 2009 in search of beauty and calm, found the former but the latter is still hiding somewhere.

Liz can be found on her site, or on Facebook and Twitter!


When Marie was 18 she wanted to study performing arts and be discovered. Her parents told her to get a ‘proper’ degree first then dabble in am-drams. She’s middle-aged now, has dabbled in am-drams and still hasn’t been discovered. So she’s trying her hand at writing, in the vain hope that she is…discovered. Parenting her teenagers is just one of the topics Marie blogs about. She’s convinced she’ll finally be discovered, any day now.

Maybe she should just have stuck to dabbling…

Find her on her blog Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas   Check her out on Facebook – where all of her attempts at hilarious MEMES live, or see what nonsense she’s spouting on Twitter  – in the vain hope of being funny.


Siobhan is a Northamptonshire-based mum of one who blogs at Mum Malarkey – Pass The Wine Please. Marketing Manager by day, mum blogger/wine drinker/Lego picker-upper by night. You can also follow her parenting antics on Twitter (@MumMalarkey) or Facebook ( if that’s more your bag!

Blog link is


Nicole is a blogger and freelance writer. Before becoming a mum and juggling between words and nappies, she was a lifestyle journalist. After motherhood, she quit her job but couldn’t quite quit writing, and so her blog (a.k.a her second baby) Tales from Mamaville was born, where she chronicles her experiences and unarticulated thoughts about motherhood, toddlerhood and everything in between.

She loves cake, prosecco, The Apprentice and a good laugh (not necessarily in that order!)
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